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30 – Reversal

After listening to Shu Feng, the eyes of the students flickered with an enigmatic shade.

Xu Chenghai felt that things aren’t in his favor and uttered, furious, “That’s vicious slander! This box was found in your desk.

This is an irrefutable fact.

You say I colluded with others to frame you, do you have any evidence If you have, then take it out!”

Shu Feng responded flatly, “You want evidence Of course I have it.

In 10 minutes, someone will prove my innocence.

Therefore, no one is allowed to leave this classroom for the next 10 minutes”

Zhang Ke said, “Okay, let’s wait here for 10 minutes.

Students, go back to their seats!”

The students returned to their seats and sat down.

Lin Jia asked with a worried look, “Feng, they made it clear that they want to frame you.

Do you really have the situation under control”

Shu Feng smiled lightly and said in reply, “Don’t worry! I’ll take care of it.”

10 minutes passed in a flash.

Seeing that nothing happened, Xu Chenghai calmed down and said with a sneer, “Shu Feng, where’s your evidence”

“I brought his evidence!”

A calm voice sounded, and Gao Wen strode in.

Xu Chenghai’s eyes constricted slightly.

His heart filled with an unknown premonition, and asked, “Who are you”

“I am Gao Wen, a captain of the Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Here’s my identification.”

Gao Wen smiled, took out a police ID card, and handed it to Zhang Ke.

Zhang Ke looked at the police ID card, and then handed it back to Gao Wen and said, “Hello, officer Gao Wen.”

Gao Wen asked, “Shu Feng, who framed you”

“These four should know the truth!”

Shu Feng pointed to Wang Mo, Zhou Changfeng, Xu Gang, and Xu Chenghai.

Xu Chenghai jumped out and shouted, “Officer, you and Shu Feng know each other! Since that is the case, you can’t intervene in this case.

Don’t you know about the principle of natural justice”

“Shut up!”

With a gentle and refined smile, Gao Wen gave Xu Chenghai a vicious slap, sending two of his teeth flying.

Seeing this scene, the students felt a slightly chill in their hearts.

Zhang Ke frowned and uttered in a stern voice, “Officer Gao Wen, you can’t hit people!”

“He was asking for it!”

Gao Wen smiled, strode to in front of Wang Mo, took out a pocket watch, rocked it lightly, channeled spirit force, and hypnotized the other party, saying: “Wang Mo, who stole the money What is the truth Say everything you know!”

Wang Mo’s eyes glazed over in an instant, and he murmured, “I stole the money and put it in Shu Feng’s desk! Xu Gang was the one who came up with the idea.

He asked me and Zhou Changfeng to frame Shu Feng.”

“Zhou Changfeng said he wanted to see Shu Feng be framed as a thief and be expelled.

And live as a poor wretch for the rest of his life!”

After Wang Mo spoke, bursts of discussion erupted in the classroom.

“So it’s his doing!”

“Sure enough, it’s Xu Gang’s doing!”

“To go so far as to frame Shu Feng, why does he hate Shu Feng so much”


The students gazed at Xu Gang with an enigmatic shade in their eyes as they talked.

Xu Gang shouted, feeling both angry and discomfited, “Wang Mo, that’s vicious slander! You collude with Shu Feng to frame me.”

“Let’s see what you have to say! Xu Gang, why did you frame Shu Feng”

Gao Wen smiled lightly and rocked his pocket watch, and a strange ripple swept towards Xu Gang.

Xu Gang trembled slightly.

Even though he knew something was wrong, but he was still attracted by the pocket watch and couldn’t move his eyes away.

His eyes glazed over: “I was jealous.

Why can a pauper like Shu Feng become friends with Ding Xiaoxue”

“I have a grudge against Shu Feng for hitting me.

My father hasn’t hit me even once since I was little, so how dare that pauper hit me”

“I want to ruin his future, take away his place in school, and make everyone despise him.

As such, I asked Wang Mo, Zhou Changfeng, and my uncle to frame him.”

“With the Xu family’s power, it’s a simple matter to frame a poor student like him.

Why isn’t he quiting school obediently Why is he resisting Damn him!”

While under Gao Wen’s hypnosis, Xu Gang voiced his true feelings.

“So he’s that sort of person!”

“I liked him quite a bit.

It’s true what they say, one may know a person for a long time without understanding their true nature!”


The students talked and looked at Xu Gang with disdain in their eyes.

Xu Chenghai’s expression changed suddenly, and he looked at Gao Wen with fear in his eyes and shouted, “What sort of monster are you What sorcery did you use What sorcery did you use to make Xu Gang like this I’ll call the police and report you!”

Gao Wen smiled slightly and said, “How is this sorcery It’s just hypnosis.

I am a master of hypnosis and I assist the police in handling certain cases.

So far, I have never failed to get a confession out of a perpetrator.

Headmaster Zhang, you now know the truth.

The rest is up to you.

I personally suggest that you expel these students!”

Zhou Changfeng turned pale in the face.

If he is expelled and can’t attend high school, his future will be destroyed.

Zhang Ke said flatly: “Officer Gao Wen, it’s not for you to decide whether the students are going to be expelled or not.

This is the school’s internal matter.”

Just then, Zhang Ke’s phone rang.

Zhang Ke picked up the phone and uttered, “Director Liu, what can I do for you”

Director Liu said, “Old Zhang, is there a student who was falsely accused of stealing money”

Zhang Ke was surprised slightly.

He took a deep look at Shu Feng and replied, “There is!”

Director Liu said, “Some big shot asked for this matter to be deal with severely.

The students involved in this incident have to be expelled.

Do you have any issues with that”

Zhang Ke asked with some unwillingness, “Is there no room for leeway Once they’re expelled, the students’ future will be ruined.”

Director Liu left a couple of sentences and ended the call: “When they framed another, were they afraid of destroying the other party’s future.

There’s no need to care about the fate of such scum.

Old Zhang, for the sake of our friendship, I’ll tell you this.

If you don’t deal with those students, you yourself are going to be dealt with instead.

You have to think about yourself!”

Zhang Ke looked at Shu Feng, his mind in a state of chaos: “To have such a pull, what’s the background of this Shu Feng!”


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