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3 – Beiling Street

Shu Feng replied, “I know! However, Lin, I haven’t been thinking about her today.”

Lin Jia said, “I already know what happened yesterday.

Feng, listen to my advice.

Zhong Jietong doesn’t care about you at all.

If you continue to pursue her, it’ll just be a waste of time and feelings.”

Shu Feng uttered, “Okay, let’s go!”

At this time, Xu Gang, the most handsome boy in the class and the captain of the football team, strode over to Shu Feng and looked at the two patches on Shu Feng’s clothes, and his eyes shimmered with derision, “Shu Feng, you and Jietong are people from two different worlds.

I and Jietong will be admitted to Leijiang No.

1 High School, and then Shenhua University in the future.

While you are destined to struggle at the bottom of society.”

“Don’t get close to Jietong and disturb her high school entrance examination.

Although Jietong will never take a fancy to a toad like you.

But if you wander around her, it will stain her image.


“How overbearing!”

“Xu Gang is so overbearing! We’re all fellow students, so why is he so haughty”

“Xu Gang’s father is a school board chairman and his uncle is a registrar.

In the last high school entrance examination, he was ranked 15th in the entire grade.

Furthermore, he’s the captain of the football team.

You shouldn’t provoke him.”


The students of class 53 watched from afar, not daring to speak up for Shu Feng.

“Xu Gang is too much!”

Wang Lu frowned, ready to step forward.

Zhong Jietong pulled Wang Lu and shook her head, saying: “Lu-lu, it’s fine.

Let his hopes be crushed.

This way, he’ll be able to focus on the high school entrance examination!”

Shu Feng’s anger flared up, and he clenched his teeth.

The desire to punch Xu Gang’s handsome face surged inside him.

But he restrained that desire.

If he hits Xu Gang, then with the power of the Xu family, he will have to drop out of school and disappoint his parents.

The greatest wish of Shu Feng’s parents is for Shu Feng to enter university and bring honor to the family.

“Shu Feng, you’re indeed still here!”

A melodic voice sounded in the classroom and attracted everyone’s eyes.

“Ding Xiaoxue Why is she here”

“She came to find Shu Feng”

“Has that guy Shu Feng put on his clothes inside out”


The students of class 53 watched blankly as Ding Xiaoxue, who is like a goddess in the hearts of all students in the school, walked up to Shu Feng, naturally grabbed his right hand, and uttered with a sweet smile, “On Fenghuang Street, a new ice cream shop has opened.

They have an assortment of tasty ice cream.

Let’s go! It’s my treat!”

“Step aside!”

Ding Xiaoxue took Shu Feng’s hand, then turned around, raised her slim eyebrows, stared at Xu Gang, and reprimanded coldly.

Xu Gang stepped aside unconsciously.

He once attended a cocktail party with his father, where he saw the mayor of Leijiang City fawn upon this beautiful girl.

The girl clearly has an amazing background.

If he speaks out of line, he might bring about the ruin of his family.

Under everyone’s eyes, Ding Xiaoxue took Shu Feng’s hand and strode away without hesitation.

Lin Jia was stupefied, a look of envy in his eyes: “When did that guy Shu Feng hit it off with Ding Xiaoxue How enviable.”

Wang Lu’s slim eyebrows wrinkled and her beautiful eyes flickered with incredulity, and she murmured in a low voice, “Ding Xiaoxue and Shu Feng are a strange combination!”

Although Ding Xiaoxue is unassuming in school, but she wears top brand clothes.

She is recognized as the unattainable flower of Leijiang No.

3 Middle School and is out of Shu Feng’ league.

Yet now she pulled Shu Feng by the hand, which is simply unbelievable.

Zhong Jietong frowned.

She felt uncomfortable, as if something belonging to her, even though it’s something that wasn’t precious to her, was taken away.

After walking out of the school, Ding Xiaoxue released Shu Feng’s hand.

Shu Feng said with a grateful expression, “Thank you, Ding Xiaoxue.”

“It was nothing! Shu Feng, you’re a spirit user, a rare spirit user.

Be confident.

Let’s go! I’ll take you to the world of spirit users!”

Ding Xiaoxue smiled elegantly, and then turned around and walked in the direction of Beining Street.

“What a beautiful, kind, and elegant girl.

No wonder so many people like her.”

Shu Feng looked at the beautiful girl basking in the afterglow of dusk, and strands of warmth filled his heart.

He followed her silently.

Beining Street is a bustling street in Leijiang city.

After Ding Xiaoxue and Shu Feng crossed several streets, they arrived at a clean and tidy, yet somewhat remote alley.

“Shu Feng, welcome to the world of spirit users!”

Ding Xiaoxue smiled sweetly and took out a golden card in a flash.

Golden light poured out of the card and entered a wall.

Ripples rose on the wall, and a black gate 3 meters tall and 2 meters wide appeared.

Ding Xiaoxue walked into the black gate.

When Shu Feng crossed the gate, a brand-new street appeared in front of him.

A black steel giant 4 meters tall, engraved with countless mysterious runes, strode over.

A mechanically synthesized voice came from the steel giant’s mouth: “Hello, this is Leijiang City’ Beiling Street.

Please show your IDs.”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with shock, and he asked curiously, “Is this a robot”

Ding Xiaoxue answered with a light smile, “This is a Steel Golem! An extraordinary being powered by spirit stones.

This Steel Golem is a specialty product of the Grunt World of the three great worlds.

Shu Feng asked curiously, “The three great worlds What are the three great worlds”

“The Grunt World, the Endorsas World, and the Xuanwu World are three great worlds we came into contact with in the Erosion Realm.

Each of the three great worlds has its own unique civilization, and one of them even has the protection of gods.

They are all wondrous worlds.”

As she explained, Ding Xiaoxue took out a white card and swiped it on a card skimmer embedded in the golem.

“Identification confirmed! Ding Xiaoxue, who is the person next to you”

All of a sudden, a woman’s voice transmitted from the Steel Golem and two cameras embedded into the Steel Golem locked on Shu Feng.

Ding Xiaoxue replied, “His name is Shu Feng.

He’s a spirit user that awakened not long ago.

I brought him here to apply for identification and officially join the world of spirit users.”

The woman’s voice sounded again, “Shu Feng, welcome to Beiling Street.”

“Let’s go!”

Ding Xiaoxue took Shu Feng into Beiling Street.

Shu Feng asked curiously, “I have lived in Leijiang City for a dozen plus years, so how come I have never heard about a Beiling Street near Beining Street.

Where on earth is this Beiling Street”

Behind that alley, there is a huge commercial street.

Yet now it has become a Beiling Street.

Furthermore, it has an incredible Steel Golem.

This made Shu Feng both curious and shocked.

“Beiling Street is a space propped up by a World Tree seedling and the spirit force of Leijiang City’s earth veins and it is located above Beining Street.”

“There is a powerful barrier enveloping Beiling Street.

If a hollow demon enters Beiling Street, they will be further weakened by the powerful barrier.

If the Black Dog Hollow I killed in the botanical garden dared to enter Beiling Street, it would be instantly purified.”

“This is the safest place in Leijiang City.

The space isn’t large, but real estate prices here are really steep.

If you want to buy an apartment here, you’ll have pay about 10 million credits per square meter.” Ding Xiaoxue said.

Shu Feng exclaimed, “10 million per square meter In that case, won’t a 100 square meter apartment cost 1 billion The real estate is too expensive here, isn’t it Who can afford it”

If Shu Feng’s family doesn’t eat or drink for a year, it’s income will only be 40,000 odd credits.

His family would have to work hard for 10,000 years in order to be able to buy an apartment here.

In Leijiang City, the most luxurious villas cost just tens of millions.

Such a luxury villa would probably not be enough to buy a bathroom on Beiling Street.

“Powerful spirit users earn a lot of money.

Although there are many dangers in the Erosion Realm.

But as long as you find the coordinates of a new world, you will be able to get a reward of 10 billion.”

“In addition, there are many extraordinary creatures in Erosion Realm whose bodies are extremely precious.”

“Let me give you an example.

An intact dragon from the Grunt World will fetch you 30 billion.” Ding Xiaoxue explained.

Shu Feng asked in disbelief, “Why is it so expensive”

“Bathing in dragon blood can greatly improve our physical constitution.

Dragon bones contain powerful extraordinary power and thus are excellent materials for refining extraordinary secret treasures.

Dragon scales can be made into extraordinary battlegear and shield.

Dragon heart can be made into a top-level potion.”

“A bottle of this top-level potion refined by a potioneer from dragon heart can sell for more than 50 billion.

30 billion for a dragon, that’s still considered cheap.” Ding Xiaoxue said.

Shu Feng looks like he’s listening to a fairy tale: “Who can afford a bottle of this potion worth 50 billion”

“There are many rich people in the world.

A bottle of this top-level potion can allow an old man in his 70s to regain his youth and turn into a young man in his thirties, prolonging his life by a couple of decades.

This potion is always in short supply.

Once it appears on the market, it will be bought by the leaders of large corporations.

You should now understand how profitable it is for high-level spirit users to exploit different worlds, right” Ding Xiaoxue uttered with a light smile.

Shu Feng thought for a moment and said, “Indeed.

If I had the money, I would buy a bottle of this potion myself.”

The leaders of large corporations, who can mobilize hundreds of billions or even trillions of credits, are absolutely willing to pay a huge price for this top-level potion.

For them, 50 billion is just a year’s profit.

A year’s profit can be exchanged for decades of lifespan and a strong body.

No one would refuse such a deal.

As they chatted, Ding Xiaoxue took Shu Feng into a 100-meter-tall luxury government building.

“Older sister Su Yi, this is a wild spirit user who just awakened! He’s from the same school as I am!”

Ding Xiaoxue pulled Shu Feng to a counter and spoke to a young woman in an office uniform.


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