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29 – Distortion of the Truth

Once it is confirmed that Shu Feng is the thief, he will be forced to leave school and miss the high school entrance examination.

This will be a major blow to a poor family like Shu Feng’s.

It is equivalent to ruining his future.

“He stole it!”

“Sure enough it’s him! Only Shu Feng’s family is short of money!”

“If his family is short of money, he could have talked with everyone.

But to steal, that’s too much!”


Discussions sounded and gazes fell on Shu Feng, looking at him as if he were a thief.

“Enough! Nothing has been proved yet.

What are you making such a noise for”

Zhong Jietong raised her slim eyebrows, slapped a desk, and shouted loudly.

She doesn’t know why, but seeing Shu Feng being targeted, she felt a little uncomfortable.

Zhong Jietong is the central figure of the class.

When she exploded, the others shut up.

Shu Feng said indifferently, “You guys say that I stole the money! Zou Qiang, before PE, have you checked if the money was still there”

Zou Qiang replied: “I have.”

Shu Feng said, “During PE, Lin Jia and I were always together.

So how could I have stolen the money Clearly someone framed me.”

Lin Jia’s eyes brightened, and he said loudly, “That’s right.

Shu Feng and I were always together during PE.

I can testify to his innocence.”

Wang Mo shouted, “Lin Jia, as Shu Feng’s friend, it’s only natural for you to cover for him.

Your testimony is invalid!”

Lin Jia uttered anxiously, “I’m not covering for him! What I said is the truth! You must believe me!”

Shu Feng said flatly, “In fact, it’s very simple to prove my innocent.

We can check for fingerprints! If I stole it, then my fingerprints will be on the box.

I’m sure I’ve never touched it.

So long as the criminal investigators check for fingerprints, it will be evident who the real thief is.”

When he heard this, Wang Mo turned slightly pale in the face.

He was the one who stole the money.

If criminal investigators really check for fingerprints, then he will surely be caught.

Zhou Changfeng’s eyes flashed with panic, and he looked at Xu Gang.

Xu Gang smiled lightly and gazed at Shu Feng with contempt in his eyes.

“What’s going on here”

A middle-aged man with signs of baldness and a beer belly walked into the classroom and asked coldly.

This teacher is Xu Gang’s uncle Xu Chenghai, a registrar!


Xu, Shu Feng stole the spring outing money of our class! Here is the evidence!”

Zhou Changfeng’s eyes brightened, and handed the box of money to Wang Mo.

Wang Mo took the box of money and ran to Xu Chenghai’s side.

He looked at Shu Feng with a proud expression on his face.

Xu Chenghai barked, a look of aversion on his face, “Shu Feng, despite your young age, you have learned to steal.

How did your mother educate you! Okay, go home and wait for the letter of expulsion!”

Xu Gang smiled coldly and mused, “Shu Feng, even though you haven’t done anything! But since you messed with, I made you into a thief and ruined your reputation!”

Zhong Jietong raised her slim eyebrows, stood up, and said, her voice neither haughty nor humble, “Teacher Xu, this still hasn’t been investigated, yet you have already accused a student of stealing! This is anything but appropriate!”

“Student Zhong Jietong, this box was found in Shu Feng’s desk! This is what they call being caught red-handed! This is no longer something that students can get involved in.”

Xu Chenghai gave Zhong Jietong a stern look, and then turned towards Shu Feng and said, a look of aversion on his face: “Shu Feng, you stole the class’s money.

It is a fairly large amount.

Go home and tell your parents to come to the school! Also, you are expelled effective immediately! Go home and wait for the latter of expulsion!”

Gazes of pity and sympathy fell on Shu Feng.

Several smart students vaguely guessed the truth of the matter, but they remained silent.

Xu Gang’s father is a school board chairman and his uncle Xu Chenghai is a registrar.

In Leijiang No.

3 Middle School, they are the law.

For them, framing a poor student is not a big deal.

“Hello, big brother Ma Jin! It’s me! Shu Feng!”

Under everyone’s gazes, Shu Feng took out his smartphone and called Ma Jin.

Ma Jin’s straightforward voice came from the smartphone: “Shu Feng, what can I do for you”

Shu Feng uttered, “A student called Xu Gang and a registrar called Xu Chenghai of my school framed me for stealing my class’s spring outing money — 4,000 credits.

They say my family is poor, so I stole the money.”

Ma Jin laughed boldly and said, “I got it.

Let me solve this trifle for you.”

“Shu Feng, who allowed you to make a call in the classroom”

Xu Chenghai gazed at the calm Shu Feng and felt a faint foreboding in his heart.

He hurriedly stepped forward and tried to slap Shu Feng.

Xu Chenghai’s teaching style has always been violent and rough, with corporal punishment being common.

He didn’t provoke students with profound background.

But in front of poor students, he was abusive.

“It’s quite a shame, but you chose the wrong person to bully!”

Shu Feng grabbed Xu Chenghai’s right hand and slapped Xu Chenghai with his other hand.

Xu Chenghai’s face swelled up at once, and blood trickled down from the corners of his mouth.

“Bastard, you dare hit me! You’re toast! I going to expel you! I’m going to expel you!”

Xu Chenghai’s eyes shot with blood, his face distorted from rage, and he pointed to Shu Feng and roared angrily.

“Who are you going to expel”

A dignified voice sounded, and an old man with gray hair and spirited eyes came in.

Xu Chenghai’s eyes brightened, and he shouted, “Headmaster, you’re just in time! This student not only stole his class’s spring outing money, but he also hit a teacher.

Please expel him! He must be expelled for the sake of school harmony!”

The old man’s name is Zhang Ke and he is the headmaster of Leijiang No.

3 High School.

Zhang Ke looked at Shu Feng and asked, “What’s your name, student”

Shu Feng answered, “My name is Shu Feng!”

Zhang Ke asked, “Did you steal the money”

Shu Feng responded, “I haven’t! Someone framed me!”

Xu Chenghai shouted, “You still dare to quibble! This box of money was found in your desk.

You were caught red-handed.

What else do you have to say!”

“If I stole the money, would I have put it in my desk like this Besides, someone found the box as soon as they searched for it.

It’s as if he knew the box was in my desk.”

“When I suggested that we should call criminal investigators to check for fingerprints, I was interrupted.

When registrar Xu Chenghai came in, without checking things, he declared that I stole the money.

There is only one possibility that can link so many coincidences together, that is, registrar Xu Chenghai colluded with some people to frame me!” Xu Feng stated calmly.


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