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27 – Evolution

“Shu Feng, I beg you, help me take revenge! Didn’t you like me If you help me take revenge, destroy Jie Demonic Cult, and kill them all, then I’ll be your girlfriend, no, I’ll be your woman! You can do anything you want with me!”

Eyes shot with blood, tears streaming down the face, Zhong Jietong turned around and shouted herself hoarse.

With a flash of sympathy in his eyes, Shu Feng pressed his hands on Zhong Jietong’s shoulders and said, “Zhong Jietong, calm down! I’m currently not a match for Jie Demonic Cult.

An expert of theirs can easily kill me.”

Jie Demonic Cult is one of Qianyuan Republic’s demonic cults, and its strength is absolutely unfathomable.

Shu Feng is currently just a small fry that hasn’t even reached the Spirit Warrior realm.

If the other party sends a Spirit Warrior realm expert, they can easily kill him.

Zhong Jietong’s eyes shot with blood, and she shouted like a madman: “I can wait! Whether it’s 10 years, or 20 years! As long as you promise me! I’ll be your woman! As long as you promise to take revenge for me, I’ll do anything for you.”

Shu Feng couldn’t help but crease his eyebrows.

If it was before he awakened and become a spirit user, Shu Feng blinded by his feelings might have recklessly promised her.

But ever since he awakened, Shu Feng understood that Zhong Jietong doesn’t like him at all.

Even if he promises to take revenge for her, although he will be able to obtain her, but he won’t be able to get her heart.

Furthermore, he doesn’t love her fervently like before.

“Have a good sleep and calm down!”

Shu Feng pressed his hands against Zhong Jietong’s neck slightly and sent a wisp of spirit force into he body, and she fainted and fell into his arms.

Ding Xiaoxue smiled sweetly and asked, “I thought you would promise her.

Didn’t you like her”

“Yes, I liked her.

I liked her very much before.

But when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s most wonderful when the feelings are reciprocated.

She doesn’t like me.

Even if I take revenge for her, she still won’t like me.

Then what’s the point”

“Besides, her memories will be sealed anyway.

I would be a fool if I ,made a promise with her.” Shu Feng uttered, feeling upset.

Ding Xiaoxue smiled lightly and asked with an emotive shade in her eyes, “You liked her very much before, so what about now”

Shu Feng answered, “Now she is just an ordinary classmate of mine.”

A dozen plus minutes later, Flameguard’s hypnotist Gao Wen arrived.

Gao Wen frowned slightly and said with a solemn expression, “You two solved this case! Well done! However, young ones, the next time you find yourself in such a situation, call for support.

I’ve seen many geniuses who worked hard for the sake of contribution points, yet ultimately ended up dying at the hands of hollow demons.

I don’t want to see you in the morgue.”

In Flameguard, Spirit Warriors are official members, while Apprentice Spirit Warriors are only reserve members.

The role of Apprentice Spirit Warriors is to collect information about hollow demons or abnormal supernatural events and report them to the higher ups.

Fighting, however, is the responsibility of official members.

I said that we should call for support!

Shu Feng gazed at Ding Xiaoxue with an innocent look on his face.

If Ding Xiaoxue hadn’t insisted on them dealing with this case themselves, Shu Feng would rather get less contribution points, call for support, and develop slowly.

Ding Xiaoxue turned into a goody two shoes and admitted her mistake obediently: “Big brother Gao Wen, I know I was wrong!”

Gao Wen shook his head, then went to Zhong Jietong and began to hypnotize her.

Shu Feng asked anxiously, “Big brother Gao Wen, Zhong Jietong’s parents are dead.

What will happen to her”

Gao Wen said: “Zhong Jietong still has her uncle’s family.

I will hypnotize them and have them serve as Zhong Jietong’s guardians.

The Zhong family is quite rich, so her tuition and living expenses should be covered until she graduates university.”

After the matter with the Zhong family was settled, Shu Feng went straight home and had a nice sleep, and then entered the mysterious base space to make inventory of this time’s harvest.

“Soul force 50, psionic energy 2,000, spirit force 421, demongod force 0.72.”

Shu Feng looked at the displayed resources, and his eyes glimmered with excitement: “Not bad.

Psionic energy is still a little lacking, or else Big Black would be able to directly evolve into a Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow!”

Once Big Black evolves into a Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow, Shu Feng’s fighting strength will be increased by a large chunk, and he’ll be able to become an official member of Flameguard.

A prompt emerged at once: “Should demongod force and the current resources be used to have Big Black evolve into a complete Black Dog Hollow”

Shu Feng rejected decisively, “No! Use demongod force and the current resources to make me evolve! Upgrade my physical constitution and spirit force increment!”

By upgrading the physical constitution, Shu Feng’s movements will become more nimble and his cultivation and learning will become faster.

By upgrading the spirit force increment, he’ll be able to enter the elite class or even the genius class of Shuijing High School in the future and obtain more resources.

“Please enter the Soldier Synthesis Nest!”

Shu Feng strode into the Soldier Synthesis Nest, and a large amount of mucus ejected and enveloped him, forming a mysterious egg.

A mysterious force poured into the mysterious egg through tubes and nourished Shu Feng in the egg.


A few hours later, the mysterious egg suddenly cracked, and a large amount of mucus scattered on the floor.

Shu Feng opened his eyes, and his eyes glimmered brightly.

“Host, Shu Feng.”

“Strength 13, agility 12, defense 13, physique 13, intelligence 14, psyche 16.”

(Strength 12, agility 11, defense 12, physique 12, intelligence 13, psyche 14 — previous values)

“Charm 3, spirit force 46, soul force 7.”

(Charm 2, spirit force 15, soul force 4 — previous values.)

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened and flashed with excitement: “My physical constitution has improved by a large chunk again, while my spirit force has reached 46 points.

This means that I am now a level-5 Apprentice Spirit Warrior.

I can already enter the elite class of Shuijing High School! If I continue to try hard, maybe I can enter the genius class of Shuijing High School!”

After awakening, Shu Feng only had 1 point of spirit force.

He was an ordinary spirit user through and through.

Yet now he has hopes to enter the genius class of Shuijing High School.

This naturally makes him feel excited.

“How much has the spirit force increment increased”

“At present, it is estimated that each time host practices the Spirit Cultivation Method 2.0, the spirit force increment will be 0.1.”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with a burning color, and he mused, “Each time I practice cultivation, the spirit force increment will be 0.1! This is pretty good! As long as I evolve step by step, then one day I will be able to compete with truly gifted spirit users!”

“Soul force 35, psionic energy 2,000, spirit force 321.”

Shu Feng’s willed, and the remaining extraordinary resources emerged.


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