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26 – Jie King


Shu Feng barked and waved his hand, and a bulky tiger appeared and lunged at the black-haired girl-form hollow demon.

Ma Jin is a big shot in Leijiang City’s underground world and has a vast network of connections.

Upon Shu Feng’s request, Ma Jin sent 100 ml vials of blood of different animals from Leijiang City’s zoo.

The tiger is Shu Feng’s trump card.

“Beast tamer You awakened a really interesting ability! Thank you for giving me this big cat!”

The black-haired human-shaped hollow demon smiled.

Next, it’s figure fluttered, and it turned into a streak of black light and pounced on the tiger.

The tiger’s body stiffened.

Shortly after, its muscles bulged, its fangs protruded, its body expanded, its eyes shot with blood, and it emanated a fierce aura.

“Shu Feng, cover me! Heart Moon Flow Sword Art! Moon Flash!”

Ding Xiaoxue’s beautiful eyes flashed coldly, and she shouted, surged with spirit force, took a sudden step, and unleashed a sword strike, which streaked across the tiger’s body as if a bright ray of moonlight.

In an instant, the tiger turned into numerous pieces.

“Wretched human, become my next skin bag.”

A terrifying scarlet monster that looks like a skinned human flew out of the tiger and charged at Ding Xiaoxue.

After performing Moon Flash, Ding Xiaoxue has evidently consumed too much power.

As such, she could only toss a yellow talisman, which combusted directly.

After it was branded by the yellow talisman, the terrifying scarlet monster screamed miserably and took a few steps back.

Big Black ejected out like a sharp sword, pounced on the terrifying scarlet monster, and bit the monster by the throat.

At the same time, it’s claws surged with black aura, and it frenziedly clawed at the terrifying monster.

Bursts of black gas emerged from the monster.

A white transparent humanoid figure shot towards Ding Xiaoxue lying on the ground, while another one charged towards Shu Feng.

“Spirit Shield Art!”

Shu Feng’s countenance changed slightly.

He hurriedly unleashed the Spirit Shield Art, and a spirit force membrane appeared outside his body.

He sent a fist flying towards the transparent humanoid figure.

When Shu Feng fist slammed into the transparent humanoid figure, it felt like hitting a thin screen, and a faint mist rose.

The transparent humanoid figure hugged Shu Feng with both hands.

The spirit force membrane outside Shu Feng’s body began to disappear at a rapid pace, and strands of a piercing chill began to diffuse all over his body.

On the other side, the hollow demon that looks like a skinned person persevered for a while under Big Black’s frenzied tearing.

In the end, it released a miserable scream, and then turned into a mist and disappeared, leaving only a pile of residue.

The moment before Shu Feng was going to lose consciousness, Big Black rushed over like an arrow and bit the transparent humanoid figure.

With a flash of black light, it tore the transparent humanoid figure off Shu Feng and threw it on the ground.

Big Black pounced on the transparent humanoid figure and tore it to pieces.

After tearing the transparent humanoid figure to pieces, Big Black threw itself at the transparent humanoid figure attacking Ding Xiaoxue, knocked it down, and tore at it frenziedly, tearing it to pieces.

“Cold! It’s so cold!”

Shu Feng’s face is pale and his body is shivering.

He feels a chill spread all over his body, nearly freezing him completely, making it so his spirit force is unable to circulate.

“This is Yang Spirit Pill, a pill to dispel the erosion of ghost monsters’ yin qi!”

Ding Xiaoxue took out a jade bottle and swallowed a pill, and then passed the bottle to Shu Feng.

Shu Feng swallowed a pill, and warm currents immediately rose from his lower abdomen and spread in all directions.

Thanks to the warm currents, the cold yin qi all over Shu Feng’s body was dispelled bit by bit

“This time’s harvest was really big!”

There was a flash of excitement in Shu Feng’s eyes.

In this battle, he obtained 35 points of soul force, 2,000 points of psionic energy, and 50 points of spirit force.

The 35 points of soul force and 2,000 points of psionic energy can make Big Black evolve again and become more powerful.

“With this residue, I may be able to make that kind of monster in the future.”

Shu Feng looked at the remains of the hollow demon that could manipulate the transparent humanoid figures and saw that only some gray residue was left.

He came forward, grabbed a handful of residue, and sent it into the mysterious base space.

“What is this”

Shu Feng picked up a black brass sculpture lying next to the residue and looked curiously at it.

The brass sculpture is a carving of a terrifying monster with a pair of goat horns, a big mouth on the forehead, black scales all over its body, a human torso, sharp claws on both hands and feet, and a ferocious face.

“Found pure demongod force.

Shout it be absorbed”

A prompt sounded in Shu Feng’s mind.


Shu Feng’s eyes brightened, and he uttered in his heart.

Today’s battle made Shu Feng realize once more how weak he is.

The hollow demon Big Black possess formidable fighting strength.

Yet its master Shu Feng, who is only a mere level-3 Apprentice Spirit Warrior and only has the Spirit Shield Art to protect himself, is of little use in battle.

He is desperate to become stronger.

Wisps of incomprehensible power silently entered Shu Feng’s body.

“Obtained 0.4 points of demongod force.”

“This is an idol of hollow demon king Jie King! Jie Demonic Cult is one of the several demonic cults in Qianyuan Republic.

Zhong Jietong’s family must have been selected by Jie Demonic Cult as sacrifices.

The reason why she is still alive may be that the people of Jie Demonic Cult wanted to offer her to the higher ups.”

Ding Xiaoxue picked up the brass idol, looked at it carefully, and uttered thusly, a dignified color in her eyes.

“Jie Demonic Cult, Jie Demonic Cult were the ones that harmed my family”

Eyes shot with blood, face pale, Zhong Jietong looking like a specter walked over, clenched her teeth, and asked this.

Not long ago, her parents were still alive.

Both of them loved her very much and let her experience of feeling of a happy family.

Yet now everything was destroyed! At this time, her heart is filled with hatred for Jie Demonic Cult.

Ding Xiaoxue uttered, a flash of sympathy in her eyes, “That’s right! Jie Demonic Cult were the ones that harmed your family!”


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