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24 – Killing a Person

“What are you doing”

Ding Xiaoxue looked back, found that Shu Feng took out his smartphone and pressed the contacts button, and asked hurriedly.

Shu Feng replied naturally: “I’m going to call for support of course!”

Ding Xiaoxue gave Shu Feng an askance look: “Don’t report every little thing, okay The captain and them are very busy! We can solve such a small matter ourselves.

Looking at Zhong Jietong, she should have encountered a weak hollow demon.

With me present, we can easily deal with it.”

Shu Feng asked curiously, “How can you tell that she met a weak hollow demon”

“If it were a Spirit Master realm hollow demon, an ordinary person like Zhong Jietong would have been eroded by the hollow demonic qi a long time ago and gone crazy.

Yet she is still fine and dandy.

It shows that she should have been exposed to low-level psionic hollow demon.

I can kill such a low-level psionic hollow demon with one strike of the sword!”

Ding Xiaoxue gazed at Zhong Jietong full of excitement, eager to give it a try.

She has practiced swordsmanship for many years.

But Qianyuan Republic has always been peaceful, and the probability that a hollow demon would come here is really small.

If it were a powerful hollow demon, she wouldn’t dare to provoke it and throw away her life.

Such a low-level hollow demon is a great chance for her to test her swordsmanship.

Ding Xiaoxue suddenly smiled and said, “If we complete this mission by ourselves, we’ll be able to get many more contribution points than if we call for support.”

Shu Feng’s expression changed slightly, and he greeted his teeth and said, “Fine! Let’s do it! However, if I feel that something is amiss, I will call for support immediately.”

“Okay! Now let’s go make contact with our target.”

Ding Xiaoxue smiled and walked towards Zhong Jietong with Shu Feng.

Ding Xiaoxue came to in front of Zhong Jietong and said, “Hello, Zhong Jietong, I’m Ding Xiaoxue from class 57, a good friend of Shu Feng.”

“Is something the matter”

Zhong Jietong glanced at Shu Feng beside Ding Xiaoxue from the corned or her eyes, raised her slim eyebrows slightly, straightened her back, revealed her most beautiful side, and asked thusly with a smile.

Ding Xiaoxue is recognized as the No.

1 school beauty in Leijiang No.

3 Middle School.

For some reason, Zhong Jietong doesn’t want to lose to her.

Ding Xiaoxue uttered with a serious expression: “Zhong Jietong, I’m from an exorcist clan.

Did you feel a chill, feel as if some heavy object pressed against you, feel like you were dropped in endless darkness, and feel out of breath yesterday! After getting up today, did you feel weak and dispirited, as if you can’t lift anything.”

Zhong Jietong hesitated and said in reply, “I did!”

Ding Xiaoxue asked, “That’s it! You were eroded by a ghost’s yin qi.

We must perform an exorcism.

Where did you go after school yesterday”

“I went straight home.

I didn’t go anywhere else.”

Ding Xiaoxue became serious and exuded a sense of boldness, prompting Zhong Jietong to answer unconsciously.

Ding Xiaoxue uttered in a deep voice, “That’s terrible! Maybe the ghost is in your home! It is likely to endanger the lives of your family! Zhong Jietong, let’s go! Take us to your home immediately! We have to perform an exorcism as soon as possible!”

“Okay! I’ll take you there!”

Zhong Jietong got up at once, an anxious look on her face.

“I’ll go, too!”

Wang Lu also got up.

She is a very loyal, kind friend.

Shu Feng creased his eyebrows and refused categorically, “No! Wang Lu, you can’t come with us.

You’ll just get in the way! You should stay at school and attend classes.”

Wang Lu raised her slim eyebrows and asked, “Then what about you! Shu Feng, Ding Xiaoxue is from an exorcist clan.

But what about you Why can you go with them”

Zhong Jietong’s eyes fell on Shu Feng and flashed with curiosity.

Shu Feng said flatly, “I’m Ding Xiaoxue’s assistant.

She taught me some things related to exorcism, so I can protect myself! I can also join the battle if necessary.”

Zhong Jietong’s eyes surged with doubt and fell on Ding Xiaoxue.

Ding Xiaoxue smiled sweetly and deceived the people in front of her with a straight face, “Yes, Shu Feng is really my assistant!”

For some reason, Zhong Jietong was suddenly relieved: “It turns out that he’s her assistant.

No wonder the two are so close.”

Wang Lu stopped pestering and watched Zhong Jietong leave together with Shu Feng and Ding Xiaoxue.

Hongfeng Pavilion is one of the most upscale communities in Leijiang City.

A taxi stopped at the entrance of the community, and She Fend and company came out of the taxi.


As soon as they arrived in front of the 16th building of the community, Big Black’s fur stood on end and its eyes shot with blood, and it stared at the building and issued a warning sounds.

Shu Feng looked at the building and said with a dignified shade in his eyes, “It’s here! There’s hollow demonic qi! Let’s call for support!”

Shu Feng feels that he should grow for a period of time, practice cultivation in seclusion, and then come out when he’s unrivaled.

He prefers to fight his opponents with a group of soldiers under his command instead of fighting them one-on-one.

“Wait a minute! Let me use the Heaven’s Will Art first!”

Ding Xiaoxue took out nine copper coins and a tortoise shell.

She put the tortoise shell on the ground and waved her hand, and the nine copper coins flew into the air.

Attracted by some mysterious force, the coins fell on the tortoise shell one by one and stacked up neatly.

“The Heaven’s Will Art indicates that there should be no Spirit Warrior realm hollow demons in this building.

Since there are no Spirit Warrior realm hollow demons, then with me here, there’s nothing to fear!”

Ding Xiaoxue smiled lightly, picked up the nine copper coins and the tortoise shell, and put them away.

Shu Feng asked curiously, “The Heaven’s Will Art! What secret method is that”

Ding Xiaoxue said, “Heaven’s Will Art comes from Xuanwu World! To cultivate this secret method, you need to have a talent for it.

Furthermore, it comes with various restrictions.

I have a certain comprehension of the Heaven’s Will Art.

If there are no accidents, then there should be no hollow demons above the Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm in this building.”

Zhong Jietong asked with a dumbfounded expression, “Hollow demons, Heaven’s Will Art, what are you talking about Why can’t I understand anything”

Ding Xiaoxue continued to mix falsehoods with truths, “Hollow demon is a term we often use to refer to ghosts.

As for the Heaven’s Will Art, it is one of the spells of my exorcist clan.”

“Tong, why are you back already Shouldn’t you be at school”

An old lady with white hair walked over from one side and asked this curiously.

Zhong Jietong replied politely, “Aunty Wang, something came up at my home, so I had to come back early!”

At this time, the eyes of Big Black staying alert next to Shu Feng flashed fiercely, and it showed its figure, opened its maw full of sharp teeth shrouded in a black aura, lunged at aunty Wang, threw her to the ground, and bit her in the neck.

“Killed a person! A vicious dog killed a person!”

Stupefied by the scene in front of her eyes, Zhong Jietong screaming loudly, filled with fear.


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