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23 – A Hollow Demon’s Trace

Shu Feng introduced, “Mom, this is my schoolmate, Ding Xiaoxue!”

Ding Xiaoxue uttered with a sweet smile, “Hello, aunty.”

Wang Juan said enthusiastically, “Yes! Hello! Come in and take a seat! Hurry up and come in!”

Ding Xiaoxue came to a simple sofa and sat down, and then Shu Feng poured her a glass of water.

When he saw the enchanting Ding Xiaoxue, Shu Nanye was stunned and felt somewhat ill at ease.

“Uncle, aunty, I came to express my gratitude.

Not long ago, Shu Feng bravely saved my life from a group of ruffians.

I came to give you my thanks.”

“This is an apartment in Xingyuan Community and 500,000 credits.

Please accept them.”

Ding Xiaoxue handed Wang Juan the keys to the apartment in Xingyuan Community and a bank card that Shu Feng had prepared in advance.

Wang Juan took the bundle of keys and bank card.

Her countenance changed slightly and her eyes flickered with the shade of struggle.

Shu Nanye refused categorically: “Student Ding! We can’t accept neither the apartment nor the bank card.

You are schoolmates.

It’s only natural for Shu Feng to help you.

We can’t accept this!”

Shu Nanye is a man who tries not to offend anyone and has a great sense of justice, albeit somewhat old-fashioned.

In private enterprise, it’s petty normal for that kind of person to do well.

“Uncle Shu, this a token of my appreciation! A virtuous man acquires wealth in an upright and just way.

I think my life is much more important than an apartment and 500,000 credits.

Shu Feng saved me, so I came to repay him.

This is wealth of the upright and just way.”

“Uncle Shu, please forgive me for being blunt! But Shu Feng will need to spend a lot of money to go to a good high school and university in the future.

If you refuse me, what will he do when he needs money to go to high school and university in the future Are you disregarding his future”

Ding Xiaoxue smiled sweetly and spoke with confidence and composure.

Shu Nanye’s countenance changed slightly.

After contemplating for a while, he uttered slowly, “Student Ding, our family will shamelessly accept it.”

If it was something else, it would be one thing.

But it’s related to Shu Feng’s future.

Shu Nanye, who has always been inflexible, upright, and almost pedantic, had to bow his head in the face of reality.

Shu family is located in the lower middle class in terms of finances and only has tens of thousands of credits in savings.

For Shu Feng to be able to go to a good high school and a good university, the amount of money that will have to spend is a huge sum for the family.

But with 500,000 credits, Shu Family’s finances will become much better.


Uncle, aunty, I still have somewhere else to be! I bid you goodbye!”

Ding Xiaoxue smiled politely, got up, and uttered thusly.

Wang Juan said enthusiastically, “If you won’t stay for dinner, then let me go out and buy you something tasty.”

Ding Xiaoxue’s uttered in a honey-sweet voice: “No! Aunty, I still have something to do! I’ll take my leave now! I’ll try your cooking next time.”

Wang Juan said, “Come whenever you’re free! Feng, go see student Ding off!”

Shu Feng complied and took Ding Xiaoxue to the outside of the community.

Shu Feng thanked, “Thank you, Ding Xiaoxue!”

Without Ding Xiaoxue’s help, Shu Feng wouldn’t be able to come up with a reasonable excuse to change the economic situation of his family with his money.

After all, the fact that he’s a spirit user cannot be disclosed.

“You owe me one! I’m leaving!”

Ding Xiaoxue smiled confidently, waved at Shu Feng, and then turned around and left.

Shu Feng looked at Ding Xiaoxue’s back quietly for a while, and then turned around and left.

“Feng, that Ding Xiaoxue is such a nice girl.

Ask her to come by when she has time.”

When he got back, Wang Juan told Shu Feng this.

Shu Feng smiled faintly: “Okay!”

A few days later, Wang Juan went to see the apartment in Xingyuan Community.

She went back and forth happily for several days.

In the end, she still stayed at Xinyuan Community.

The prices of things around Xingyuan Community are too high.

Besides, her friends are here in Xinyuan Community.

Consequently, she is reluctant to leave here.

Shu Feng consumed a Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill every day.

After 20 days, all the Primary Spirit Cultivation Pills were gone.

At the same time, his spirit force smoothly climbed to 28 points, and he became a level-3 Apprentice Spirit Warrior, only one step away from becoming a level-4 Apprentice Spirit Warrior.

In the past 20 days, Shu Feng has also painstakingly practicing gunmanship, basic hand-to-hand combat, grappling, and the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method.

His fighting strength has improved greatly.

However, ever since his physical constitution exceeded 10 points, the effect the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method has on the growth of his physical constitution became increasingly lesser.

In the classroom.

“The Primary Spirit Cultivation Pills have run out! Do I have to buy contribution points on the black market”

Shu Feng mused as he flipped through a biology book.

Contribution points are a kind of currency you can obtain by making contributions to Flameguard.

Without contribution points, even if you have a lot of money, you won’t be able to buy things from the extraordinary shopping center.

But in modern society, money is everything.

Many members of Flameguard will sell their contribution points on the black market because of a lack of money.

Although Flameguard knows this, but it turns a blind eye.

After all, there are many people in Flameguard who have money but lack contribution points.

All of a sudden, Big Black sitting beside Shu Feng stood up, it’s eyes shot with blood, and it stared at the entrance.

“There’s a situation!”

Shu Feng’s expression changed slightly, and he gripped his phone and prepared to call for support.

Although he’s far stronger than ordinary people already, but at the thought of those hollow demons whom even Ma Jin fears greatly, he felt that it’s better to call for support.

“Zhong Jietong, what’s the black gas around her Is it hollow demonic qi”

Shu Feng took a closer look and saw that Zhong Jietong is surrounded by wisps of black gas.

Zhong Jietong looks dispirited, with two big dark circles under her eyes.

She yawned as she walked.

Wang Lu asked, “Jietong, what’s wrong You seem like you don’t have any energy!”

Zhong Jietong replied, “I didn’t sleep well last night due to nightmares!”

Shu Feng got up, left the classroom, and went to class 57’s classroom where Ding Xiaoxue was.

“Ding Xiaoxue, I have something urgent to tell you!”

Shu Feng walked into class 57’s classroom, came to Ding Xiaoxue, and uttered thusly.

“Okay! Let’s go!”

Ding Xiaoxue got up and followed Shu Feng outside.

“My goddess has gone with another men!”

“How enviable!”

“Who is that guy How come Ding Xiaoxue followed him just like that”


Gazes of surprise and envy focused on Shu Feng.

Who knows how many boys have gone to invite Ding Xiaoxue out, but no one has ever succeeded.

Only Shu Feng was able to easily invite her out.

“Ding Xiaoxue, have a look.

Is that hollow demonic qi around Zhong Jietong”

Shu Feng took Ding Xiaoxue to a nearby location away from the crowds, pointed at Zhong Jietong, and asked softly.

Ding Xiaoxue replied with a glimmer in her eyes, “That’s indeed hollow demonic qi! She made contact with a hollow demon!”


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