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22 – Buying an Apartment

Xingyuan Community is a newly developed high-grade community in Leijiang City.

A youngster dressed neatly, albeit a little old fashioned, stepped into Xingyuan Community’s real estate sales center.

This youngster is Shu Feng.

At the front desk, several sales ladies glanced at Shu Feng, and then returned to playing mobile phone games and chatting.

No one went to receive Shu Feng.

“Older sister Zhang, there’s a customer! Is it alright if we don’t receive him”

A young-looking sales lady wearing light makeup, with somewhat immature air about her, as if she just graduated from university, spoke with some unease.

“Wang, you can tell by his trousers, which look like they don’t even cost 200 credits and lost their color from washing, that he isn’t a child of a rich family.

Furthermore, he looks like a high school student.

He’s not someone who can afford an apartment.

The eyes of Zhang Yue, a gorgeous sales lady in early thirties, with delicate makeup, flashed with a shrewd color, and she said, “In that case, Wang, go and deal with.”

“Boss Zhang, here you are.

Come, I’ll show you the apartments.”

When she saw a balding, middle-aged man in a suit, with a beer belly, walk in, Zhang Yue welcomed him enthusiastically, a warm smile on her face.

Due to a national policy, apartments became hard to sell.

As a high-grade community of Leijiang City, the apartments in Xingyuan Community cost 11,000 per square meter at the least.

It is even harder to sell such expensive apartments in a tier 3 or 4 city like Leijiang City.

Wang Lei went to Shu Feng and asked politely, “Hello, student.

Are you looking for an apartment”

Shu Feng said: “I want an apartment in a building with an elevator and more than ten floors.

The apartment has to have good lighting and be well ventilated, fully furnished, and well decorated.”

With a polite smile on her face, Wang Lei said, “Okay, please follow me! I have two apartments that meet your requirements.”

Wang Lei took Shu Feng to a well decorated apartment with an area of 120 square meters.

“Alas, it seems that I won’t be able to close a sale again.

I wonder when will I be able to sell an apartment.”

Wang Lei watched Shu Feng look around an apartment and mused.

She doesn’t think that a high school student dressed in ordinary clothes like Shu Feng can afford an apartment.

After Shu Feng started cultivating the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method, his body began to grow rapidly.

After going through an evolution, he became tall and sturdy, looking like a high school student.

Shu Feng said with satisfaction, “This apartment is pretty good.

I like it.

If I do a lump sum payment, when can I get the apartment’s deed”

Although they are expensive, but Xingyuan Community’s apartments are first-class.

Shu Feng is very satisfied.

“Huh You really want to buy it”

Wang Lei was taken aback.

Her eyes shimmered with joy, and he said promptly, “The apartment is unfurnished and costs 14,000 per square meter.

With its surface area of 120 square meters, it adds up to 1.68 million.

If you pay in a lump sum, you are eligible for a 5% discount.

That will bring the price down to 1.596 million.

Furthermore, if you sign the contract and make the payment today, you’ll be able to get the keys and move in right away.

We will help you transfer the deed into your name within a week.”

Shu Feng smiled lightly, as if he were buying cabbage: “Let’s go! Let’s go sign the contract.

I’m buying this apartment.”

“Please follow me!”

Wang Lei’s tone became more gentle.

With the current recession, in a small city like Leijiang City, there aren’t many people who can afford to spend more than 1 million on an apartment.

With this sale closed, she won’t have to worry about her performance this month.

“After looking at apartments so many times, that dirty old man not only hasn’t bought one, but he even tried to take advantage of me! I had enough!”

When Shu Feng and Wang Lei returned to the real estate sales center, they heard Zhang Yue complain, an annoyed look on her face.

Upon seeing Shu Feng walk into the real estate sales center, Zhang Yue went silent.

“Please wait a moment! I’ll get the contract right away! Would you like something to drink Would you like coffee or juice”

Once they entered the real estate sales center, Wang Lei said enthusiastically.

“I’ll go with juice!”

Shu Feng sat on a sofa and said thusly.

Wang Lei quickly brought a glass of juice and put it on a table.

Zhang Yue asked with an expression of incredulity: “What Wang, have you closed the sale”

Wang Lei replied excitedly, “Older sister Zhang, I closed it! And it’s a limp sum payment, to boot! We’re signing the contract now.”

“Wang, you’re really lucky!”

“You can’t judge a book by its cover! I often hear stories about people dressed as farmers splurging and buying luxury cars worth millions.

Today was an eyeopener.”


The eyes of the other sales ladies shimmered with envy.

Zhang Yue’s eyes flashed with regret: “Damn it, the sale should have been mine.

That lass Wang Lei stole it from me.”

Wang Lei took out the contract and asked Shu Feng to sign it.

After swiping the bank card, she handed a bunch of keys to Shu Feng and saw him off.

“In order for them to accept it, I need to think of a suitable excuse.”

Shu Feng took out his smart phone and called Ding Xiaoxue: “Hello, is this Ding Xiaoxue This is Shu Feng.

I need you to do me a favor.”

Ding Xiaoxue asked, “What favor”

Shu Feng uttered, “I obtained a lot of money and bought a apartment, which I want to give to my parents together with some money.

I need a reasonable excuse for my parents to accept them.

I was thinking of saying that this is an expression of gratitude for me saving you.”

Ding Xiaoxue chuckled, “Okay! However, you owe me one!”

Shu Feng replied, “No problem!”

Outside Xinyuan Community, Shu Feng stood quietly under an utility post.

“So beautiful!”

All of a sudden, Shu Feng’s eyes brightened.

He looked northwest.

He saw a stunningly beautiful girl in a white dress and a hat, with a pure and elegant air about her, walk towards him.

“Ding Xiaoxue, you’re really beautiful.

I almost didn’t recognize you.”

Shu Feng took a closer look, recognized the beautiful girl, and exclaiming involuntarily.

Ding Xiaoxue usually wears martial attires or other clothes suitable for sports and fighting and has a heroic air about her.

Now the air around her changed, as if she became a beautiful young lady of noble birth.

“Of course! Please call me magical girl! If you are good-looking, you can be willful and dress as you like!”

Ding Xiaoxue uttered with a sweet smile, “Let’s go!”

Shu Feng took Ding Xiaoxue to his home.

“Feng, who is this”

When Shu Feng and Ding Xiaoxue entered his home, Wang Juan looked at Ding Xiaoxue next to Shu Feng and asked, feeling ill as ease.

As a person of wide experience, Wang Juan can vaguely sense the noble air and elegance about Ding Xiaoxue.

Ding Xiaoxue’s white dress is from a famous brand and costs tens of thousands of credits.


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