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21 – 20 million

Shu Feng raised his eyebrows and said, “Big brother Ma Jin, there are 20 million in the two suit cases! I can only take one of them!”

“You contributed greatly by hunting these scum.

I only provide information.

If I take two suit cases, and then the captain and them learn of this, I will be a laughingstock.”

Ma Jin shook his head and said proudly, “I have many commercial properties in Leijiang City.

Leijiang City’s bars, karaoke bars, clubs, and other kinds of entertainment venues, I own 30% of them.

I also have minority shares in many other commercial properties.

My annual income is no less than 50 million.”

“The annual income of many Spirit Master realm powerhouses is not as high as mine! This is how I was able to advance to a Spirit Warrior.

If ordinary people like us want to be advance, we need money!”

“Feng, this money is fleeting.

The 20 million credits will be spent in an instant.

Whether it’s pills, potions, or top secret methods, they all require money.

Remember, if you want to move forward, don’t miss any opportunities to make money.

Think about purchasing some commercial properties.

Only if you have money, can you continue to practice cultivation.” Ma Jin advised earnestly.

Shu Feng insisted, “I understand! Big brother Ma Jin, 10 million is enough for me.”

Ma Jin asked, “Can you cultivate a Spirit Warrior realm hollow demon and let me take control of it”

Shu Feng replied, “Not now! But I might be in the future!”

Ma Jin uttered with a bold smile, “Okay.

Then the other 10 million will be my investment in you.

In the future, after you can cultivate Spirit Warrior realm hollow demons, give me one.”

Shu Feng pondered for a while and said, “Thank you, big brother Ma Jin!”

Hollow Invisibility is an extraordinary ability.

A Spirit Warrior realm hollow demon with such an ability is extremely terrifying.

If used properly, a living hollow demon is worth more than 10 million.

Since his aptitude is ordinary, Shu Feng’s cultivation speed is really slow.

Only by taking pills like the Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill, only then can he cultivate quickly and become stronger.

The stronger he is, the faster he will earn money.

In order to form this virtuous circle, the first investment is very important.

It’s hard to refuse the 10 million.

“There aren’t many young spirit users in Leijiang City.

When you enter Shuijing High School, you will meet many talents of the Qianyuan Republic.

Shuijing High School is divided into ordinary class, excellent class, elite class, genius class, and paragon class.”

“Those who join the school with level-3 Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm cultivation base can directly enter the excellent class.

Those with level-5 Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm cultivation base can enter elite class.

People with level-7 Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm cultivation base can enter genius class.

People with level-9 Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm cultivation base can enter paragon class.

“The higher the class you enter, the more nurturing and resources you will be able to get.

So you mustn’t slack off.”

“Back in the day, I only entered ordinary class, so I didn’t get much nurturing.

Who knows how many detours I took before I got this far.”

“Several of the paragon class talents who were in the same grade as me are now Spirit Grandmaster realm powerhouses.

They have become true big shots.

Yet I’m still just a level-9 Spirit Warrior.

Whether its in terms of strength, status, or wealth, I can’t compare with them.”

Ma Jin took out a cigar and lit it, and then took a deep puff.

He sighed faintly, filled with frustration.

Shu Feng uttered, “I will try my best!”

Ma Jin took a puff of the cigar and exhaled a smoke ring: “Shu Feng, although our line of work is glorious, but it is also very dangerous.

If I die in the future, help me take care of my family.”

Shu Feng hesitated for a moment and said, “Big brother Ma Jin, the number of times hollow demons appear doesn’t seem to be great.”

Ma Jin’s eyes flashed with fear: “You haven’t met the scary hollow demons yet.

I once went on a mission.

At that time, a team composed of 1 Great Spirit Master, 7 Spirit Masters, and 23 Spirit Warriors went to deal with a psionic hollow demon.

In the end, only 1 Spirit Master and 2 Spirit Warriors survived by a fluke.

I was one of them.”

Ma Jin said, “If nothing major happens in a small tier 3 or tier 4 city like ours, then that’s well and good.

But if a powerful hollow demon flees here, we won’t be able to stop it at all.”

Shu Feng said seriously, “Big brother Ma Jin, don’t worry.

If I’m successful in the future, I won’t forget your kindness.”

Ma Jin smiled, patted Shu Feng on the shoulder, and said, “Ha-ha, I see! I didn’t judge wrong! Let’s go!”

When he got home, Shu Feng went to bed.

He tossed and turned in bed, filled with excitement: “20 million! I have 20 million.

What should I do with it By the way, I should by an apartment! This place is no good!”

Xinyuan Community is a low-grade community without any commercial properties.

It’s public security is a mess, with petty theft being rampant.

Furthermore, it is a gathering spot for pyramid scammers.

The environment here is no good.

Wang Juan always wanted to move to a spacious and bright apartment.

“Mom and dad work really hard.

I can open a convenience store and let them take care of it.

This will reduce their burden.”

“Primary Spirit Cultivation Pills! With 20 such pills, I can enter Shuijing High School’s excellent class! Maybe I can even strive for the elite class.”

The following day, Shu Feng went to Beiling Street to place an order.

He spent 2.1 million credits and 21 contribution points to buy 21 Primary Spirit Cultivation Pills at one go.

At night, Shu Feng swallowed a Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill, operated the Spirit Cultivation Method 2.0, and began to absorb the the pill’s spirit force.

“0.66, a Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill can upgrade my spirit force increment to 0.66 points.”

As soon as he finished cultivating, Shu Feng entered the mysterious base space for inspection.

This visible progress filled him with motivation for cultivation.

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with regret, “It seems like my aptitude has improved.

But when compared with true talents.

I’m still lacking.”

According to cultivation experience displayed on Flameguard’s official network, top freak-level talents don’t need any pills or potions.

While in the Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm, they can gain 2 points of spirit force a day.

If they use Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill, they can gain 6 to 8 points of spirit force a day.

However, freak-level talents rarely take things like Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill.

That’s because taking such things will give rise to resistance.

Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill, Intermediate Spirit Cultivation Pill, Advanced Spirit Cultivation Pill, only 100 pills of each type can be taken, and the effect will gradually decrease.

After taking 100 pills, there will be no more effect.

Freak-level talents only take pills or potions when they need to break through a bottleneck.

Spirit Cultivation Pills are pills developed chiefly for spirit users with ordinary aptitude such as Shu Feng and Ma Jin.


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