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20 – Annihilation

At night, on the outskirts of Leijiang City, there are two men in black standing at the entrance of an abandoned warehouse, looking around with vigilance.

On a hill outside the abandoned warehouse, there stand Shu Feng and Ma Jin wearing camouflage clothes, a bulletproof vests, and a multi-function bulletproof helmet, with a submachine gun on the back and grenades, flash bombs, and other weapons hanging on them.

Ma Jin said unhurriedly, “That’s where they’ll carry out the transaction! It’s accessible from all sides.

Once there’s any trouble, they will slip away from another direction.

Can you command your hollow demon remotely”

Shu Feng replied, “I can barely do it!”

Ma Jin grinned and said, “Great! Wait until they start the transaction! Then control the hollow demon to kill the boss of each side! Afterwards, keep an eye on the money.

Kill whomever takes the money.

I’ll take care of the rest of the gangsters!”

“Okay! Big Black, go ahead!”

Shu Feng waved his hand, and Big Black moved stealthily towards the abandoned warehouse like a nimble cat.

“Master mode!”

Shu Feng willed and switched to master mode.

His body fell to the ground and remained motionless, while his consciousness attached to Big Black.

As if a nimble cat, Big Black quietly passed the two men in black at the entrance and entered the warehouse.

There is a long table placed in the warehouse.

On one side of the table, there sits a bald man of medium build and ordinary appearance.

Behind the bald man, there stand six men.

Shu Feng commanded Big Black to wait quietly: “There are no suit cases with money! There are several drug traffickers!”

Half an hour later, a man wearing a suit, with a beer belly and a portly face, escorted by ten guards, came in, a beaming smile on his face: “Brother Leopard, I’m sorry to keep you waiting!”

Brother Leopard said coldly, “Liu Laosan, where’s the money!”

Liu Laosan laughed and said, “Ha-ha! Brother Leopard, let’s check the goods first!”

Brother Leopard waved his hand, and one of his men took out a small bag and opened it, revealing blue powder.

This is Blue Angel, the latest drug.

It is highly addictive and has great effect, and is quite expensive.

Liu Laosan waved his hand, and one of his men came forward, grabbed a pinch of the powder, and breathed it in, and then nodded at him.

“Doing business with Brother Leopard is uncomplicated! Here is the money! You can check it!”

Liu Laosan laughed and waved his hand, and a few of his men stepped forward and opened suit cases containing stacks of cash.

Brother Leopard waved his hand, and several of his men took out banknote scanners and began to check the money.

This is a transaction involving tens of millions.

If he’s deceived with counterfeit money, he will receive heavy damage.

“Everything checks out! It’s a pleasure to do business with you!”

After counting the money, Brother Leopard got up and said with a grin.

At this time, Big Black, who was quietly waiting, pounced on Brother Leopard, threw him to the ground, and bit his neck!

As for the gangsters, they just saw Brother Leopard suddenly fall to the ground, his throat disappeared, and a large amount of blood eject out.

“Shit! They want to cross us!”

During the transaction, both sides have been vigilant of one another.

Seeing the strange and sudden death of Brother Leopard, one of Brother Leopard’s men pulled out a gun at once and shot at Liu Laosan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Caught off guard, Liu Laosan was killed and fell into a pool of blood.

Liu Laosan’s men took out their guns and returned fire.

The two groups had a shoot-out in the abandoned warehouse.

The two subordinates of Brother Leopard standing at the entrance took out their guns and joined the battle.

“How fierce! Brother Leopard’s men are quite fierce.

In that case, let’s get rid of this guy.”

Shu Feng willed, and Big Black lunged.

It pounced on one of Brother Leopard’s subordinates and bit his throat.

As the two groups fought, someone fell down abruptly.

The people around thought that it was the doing of a bullet and didn’t pay it any attention.

Shu Feng controlled Big Black and tried to balance the fighting strength of the two sides.

Whenever one side had an obvious advantage, he would order Big Black to bite people of the dominant side to death.

“It’s finally over! The money and drugs belong to us now!”

When the gunfire ended, there were only two subordinates of Liu Laosan left in the warehouse.

Big Black knocked down one of Liu Laosan’s subordinates and bit his throat off, and a large amount of blood splashed out and spilled on the floor.

“Ghost! It’s a ghost!”

The eyes of the remaining subordinate of Liu Laosan flashed with fear, and he fired wildly into the air.

Big Black gracefully wound around Liu Laosan’s subordinate, arrived behind him, and lunged.

Big Black knocked the man to the ground and bit his neck.

“Things went smoothly! Everything is over!”

On the hill, Shu Feng opened his eyes and said in a deep voice, a burning shade in his eyes.

“It’s over Let’s go!”

Ma Jin’s eyes flashed with surprise.

His figure shook slightly, and he ran towards the warehouse.

“Well done, Feng!”

Ma Jin looked at the corpses strewn on the floor, exclaimed in praise, and strode towards the place where the Black Dog Hollow is sitting.

“Hollow Invisibility.

As long as it doesn’t come across spirit users, this is really terrifying ability.”

Ma Jin glanced at the Black Dog Hollow, and his eyes flashed with a burning color.

Even in Flameguard, there are very few people who can control hollow demons.

Because of Shu Feng’s potential, Ma Jin is willing to actively make friends with him and invest in him.

“Obtained 0.5 points of pure soul force!”


Notifications flooded Shu Feng’s mind.

Shu Feng mused: “It turns out that I can get pure soul force by killing ordinary people, as well.

However, I need to be present to absorb it.”

Pure soul force is a resource that can make Shu Feng evolve and become more powerful.

It can also make Big Black evolve.

At the same time, it is a necessary resource for synthesizing all kinds of soldiers.

“Feng, bear this in mind.

You can’t touch this kind of stuff! No matter how talented you are, if you touch this kind of stuff, your life will be destroyed.”

Ma Jin grabbed the bag of Blue Angel and ignited it, and then threw it aside, a look of disgust on his face.

“Five years ago, a gifted spirit user called Yu Wenfei appeared in Shuijing High School! When he awakened, he possessed 65 points of spirit force.

His awakened spirit ability was very rare — high grade earth realm Space Manipulation.”

“When the guy awakened, he received the attention of a large corporation and got their support.

He spent his days indulging in liquor, women, and gambling.

In the end, he messed with stuff like this, became a loser, and jumped off a building.”

“If you touch this kind of stuff, you will no longer be our friend and teammate! You will be expelled from Flameguard! Do you understand” Ma Jin said with a grave expression.

Shu Feng smiled faintly and uttered in reply, “Don’t worry, big brother Ma Jin, I’m not interested in this kind of stuff.”

Ma Jin smiled, picked up two suit cases, and threw them to Shu Feng.

“Feng, this is yours!”


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