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2 – The Three Realms

Shu Feng asked, “Erosion Realm, what’s that That doesn’t sound good!”

“According to the information we have at present, there are three realms, namely the Hollow Realm, the Erosion Realm, and the Human Realm.

The world we live in is the Human Realm.”

“The Hollow Realm is a higher level realm where hollow demons live!”

“Between the Hollow Realm and the Human Realm, there lies the Erosion Realm.

In the Erosion Realm, there are worlds that have been eroded by the Hollow Realm and are on the verge of the apocalypse or have already ushered in the apocalypse.”

“Among the three realms, the Hollow Realm is the most dangerous.

Hollow demons run rampant there.

In there, hollow demons can exert their full strength.

When spirit users reach the Hollow Realm, they will be eroded by hollow demonic qi and will find it hard to display their full strength.”

“The Erosion Realm is the second most dangerous.

In there, hollow demons also run rampant.

However, these worlds that have been eroded by the Hollow Realm and are on the verge of the apocalypse still contain their world secrets.

They either have powerful technology, extraordinary magic, or mystical extraordinary kinds.

We have established strongholds in the Erosion Realm, via which we explore the Erosion Realm.”

“If you can’t pay your debts, you will be sent to a stronghold in the Erosion Realm to work.

It’s very dangerous there.

But at the same time, the salary is really high.

The monthly income of a dishwasher there is about 20,000 credits.

If you owe 1 million, you’ll be able to pay it off in about 5 years by washing dishes.”

Ding Xiaoxue glanced at Shu Feng mischievously and spoke with a light smile.

A burning color flashed in Shu Feng’s eyes: “A dishwasher’s monthly income is 20,000 credits! That’s really high.

I’d like to go there during summer vacation to do the dishes!”

“Lastly, there’s the Human Realm! The Human Realm seems ordinary, but in fact, thanks to the protection of the Worldheart, there’s a powerful barrier enveloping it.

“Hollow demons will be weakened by the barrier when they invade the Human Realm.

The Black Dog Hollow that attacked you, although it’s only a low-level hollow demon, but if it were in the Erosion Realm, I wouldn’t be it’s opponent.

However, in the Human Realm, it can’t withstand a single blade strike from me.”

“As for the Hollow Realm, it is said to be full of hollow demonic qi.

Once humans enter the Hollow Realm, they will be poisoned and die.

They basically can’t survive there.”

“Compared with the Erosion Realm and the Hollow Realm, the Human Realm is the safest place for us.”

Ding Xiaoxue glanced at the watch worth 1 million credits on her fair wrist and uttered, “I have something to do now.

You can go back and check what spirit ability you awakened.”

With that, Ding Xiaoxue turned around and walked away with large, confident strides.

“How do I check what spirit ability I awakened You haven’t told me yet!”

Shu Feng had a speechless look on his face, and then turned around and began to pack up the BBQ utensils.

Xinyuan Community was a low-grade community in Leijiang City.

“Feng, you’re back!”

Shu Feng walked into an apartment on the third floor of Xinyuan Community.

A middle-aged woman with a lot of wrinkles on the face and some white hairs on the head smiled and said, “Today is your favorite red braised pork belly!”

A middle-aged man with slightly darker skin tone, a lot of wrinkled on the forehead, thinning hair, and regular facial features was watching the news from an old sofa.

The middle-aged woman was called Wang Juan, while the middle-aged man was called Shu Nanye.

They were Shu Feng’s parents.

“Mom, I’m back!”

When Shu Feng came in, he went to get a bowl, chopsticks, and rice.

After finishing eating and washing the dishes, Shu Feng returned to his small room and locked the door.

“Spirit ability! What spirit ability have I awakened Could it be related to that information that poured into my mind at that time”

Shu Feng closed his eyes and began to quietly recall the information that poured into his mind at that time.

With a flash of faint light, Shu Feng strangely disappeared from inside the room.

In the next moment, he appeared in a huge, magnificent space.

Inside the huge space, there were all kinds of strange machines, some of which seemed to be made out of metal, while others seemed to be made out of organic matter.

But those machines were broken, and many of them were destroyed beyond recognition, leaving only some residue behind.

“Level-1 ## base.

Currently available equipment: Central Analyzer, Gene Collector, Flesh Forge, Central Control Tower, Soldier Synthesis Nest, Energy Dissolution Pool, and Resource Collection Pool.”

As soon as Shu Feng entered the huge space, he understood what the space and it’s purpose were.

In fact, the space was a base of a mysterious race.

After being severely damaged, it was bound with Shu Feng’s soul and became his possession.

In fact, Shu Feng’s awakening was related to the space.

After being bound to the space, he was nourished by mysterious energy, which led to him awakening and becoming a spirit user.

Most of the data was destroyed.

As a result, Shu Feng only knows how to use the seven barely-usable machines.

The Central Analyzer was a crystal rhombus with a diameter of 2 meters and engraved with countless mysterious runes.

Shu Feng walked up to the Central Analyzer, and a message entered his mind: “Hollow psionic energy 100, pure soul force 3.

Should the host’s strength be digitized”

Shu Feng replied, “Yes!”

“Host: Shu Feng.”

“Strength 6.4 (10), agility 7.5 (10), defense 6.5 (10), physique 7.2 (10), intelligence 10.1 (10), psyche 8.2 (10).

Standard adult value is between parentheses.”

“Charm 1, spirit force 1, soul force 1.”

“Sure enough, my physical constitution is quite lacking.”

Shu Feng asked the Central Analyzer curiously, a pensive look on his face, “What’s the use of hollow psionic energy”

A message emerged from the Central Analyzer: “You can use hollow psionic energy and the genes of different life forms to synthesize different soldiers!”

With a pensive look on his face, Shu Feng walked to the snake-like Gene Collector.

The 10-meter-long, snake-like Gene Collector dropped its head, opened its mouth, and ejected a sharp thorn that gently stabbed Shu Feng’s finger and absorbed a drop of blood.

Shu Feng asked curiously: “What sort of soldiers can I synthesize with my genes and the available hollow psionic energy”

“This is your genetic map!”

A mysterious genetic map appeared in front of Shu Feng.

“According to calculations, with your genes and enough flesh and minerals, Polluted Human Soldiers can be synthesized.”

“Polluted Human Soldier is a kind of berserk soldier polluted by hollow psionic energy.

In order to synthesize a unit, 10 points of hollow psionic energy, 100 kilograms of flesh, 100 grams of salt… are required.

The synthesis time is 5 hours.”

“Polluted Human Soldier: strength 15, agility 12, defense 13, physique 12.

It is an irrational, berserk, bloodthirsty soldier that can only follow simple commands.

It will attack all life forms except the host! It must consume 100 kilograms of flesh every day to maintain full combat strength.

It’s lifespan is 5 years.

It’s evolutionary potential is virtually nonexistent.”

“You can modify the gene map to construct all kinds of soldiers.”

Shu Feng glanced at the Polluted Human Soldier, dumbfounded: “Polluted Human Soldier, if this kind of thing is seen outside, I’ll be in trouble.

If it is seen by one person, it’ll be 1 million credits.

If it is seen by several people, then I might have to spend the rest of my life washing dishes in the Erosion Realm.”

Shu Feng asked curiously, “Can I synthesize a clone of myself”

“You can!”

“The host’s clone will have the same physical constitution as the host.

It will have to consume 5 kilograms of flesh every day.

After injecting soul force, it will have a certain amount of intelligence and evolutionary potential.

By injecting 100 points of soul force, it will be able to awaken as a spirit user soldier.”

Shu Feng frowned slightly: “It’s not very useful to make a clone of myself.

Rather, the clone will make it easier for me to be exposed.”

Shu Feng has never heard of spirit users before.

Obviously, any information about spirit users is hidden in the dark.

Once a spirit user’s ability is exposed, it will end badly for them.

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened, and he asked, “I understand that soul force can be used as material for synthesizing soldiers.

But can it be injected into my body, as well Can it strengthen me!”

“Soul force can be infused into the hosts body to enhance the host’s aptitude.

With the host’s current strength, it will take 300 days to fully assimilate 3 points of soul force.”

“If my physical constitution is upgraded, will it be possible to accelerate the rate at which the soul force is assimilated”

“It will!”

“After fully absorbing the soul force, will my physical constitution soar or will my potential be enhanced”

“After soul force is fully assimilated, physical constitution, growth rate of physical constitution, potential, intelligence, and various other aspects will be slightly enhanced.

“Inject the soul force immediately!”


As soon as Shu Feng gave the order, he felt a cool sensation in his head, and his mind became clearer.

At the same time, he felt a fatigue wash over him.

Shu Feng willed and came out of the space.

When he returned to his room, he collapsed on the floor and fell asleep.

Leijiang City No.

3 Middle School, grade 3, Class 53.

“How do I use this ability to make money”

Shu Feng has been thinking about how to make money with his ability all day.

Shu Feng’s mother, Wang Juan, was a cashier and his father, Shu Nanye, was a security guard of a property development company.

The finances of the Shu family were very poor.

His greatest wish was to make a lot of money so that his parents would no longer have to worry about money.

“Feng, what are you thinking You have been absent-minded all day Are you still thinking about Zhong Jietong This is not a jab at you, but there’s, no, chance, in, hell, of anything, happening, between, you, two!”

“According to what I learned, Zhong Jietong is the only daughter of Zhong Hao, the chairman of the Verdantsea Group.

She is a real noble miss.

She’s out of our league.”

A boy dressed in ordinary clothes, with a round face and short hair, came over, patted Shu Feng on the shoulder, and said thusly, a look of sympathy on his face.

This ordinary boy with a round face wad Shu Feng’s best friend Lin Jia.

Lin Jia’s family engaged in some small business and had amassed some wealth.

Lin Jia and Shu Feng have been in the same class in primary school and middle school.

They hit it off and became close friends.


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