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Godly Base – 19

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19 – Taking Action

“Jietong, don’t you feel like Shu Feng has become a bit more handsome!”

Wang Lu looked at Shu Feng, who was studying earnestly, moved closer to Zhong Jietong, and asked.

Sun Ling, another girl with ordinary appearance, fair skin, and a rich background, uttered with a light smile: “Lu-lu, do you think so, as well I thought it was me seeing things!”

“That guy really seems a bit more handsome!”

Zhong Jietong glanced in the direction of Shu Feng and responded indifferently, a queer gleam in her eyes, “It’s just your imagination.”

After the bell indicating the end of the class rang, Shu Feng left the classroom.

Wang Mo looked at Shu Feng’s back and said with resentment in his eyes, “Boss, are we going to let that guy be”

Xu Gang’s eyes shimmered gloomily, and he uttered with a cold smile, “Let him be No way! I’m waiting for a chance! A sure-fire chance.

I want him to never rise again.”

Xu Gang has never suffered such a humiliation before.

Naturally, he hates Shu Feng and wants to take revenge.

But he cleverly held his mouth shut regarding the fight yesterday.

If the fight at the riverside yesterday is disclosed, Shu Feng and Xu Gang will be punished.

He doesn’t want to be punished at this time, since this is a critical juncture before the high school entrance examination.

He has a better idea to deal with Shu Feng.

In the next few days, it was very peaceful.

Shu Feng cultivated the Spirit Cultivation Method 2.0 twice a day and had his spirit force extracted once a day by the base and stored.

However, if spirit force is frequently extracted in a short period of time, it will damage Shu Feng’s foundation.

Therefore, Shu Feng has spirit force extracted only once a day.

This won’t damage his foundation.

Instead, it will raise his spirit force increment.

In addition, Shu Feng went to Beiling Street every day, where he charged himself with electricity and upgraded the base’s electrical energy reserves.

Awakened spirit abilities of spirit users come in different shapes and forms.

As such, Shu Feng charging himself with electricity didn’t raise any eyebrows.

“Alright! I finally saved enough spirit force! Have Big Black evolve!”

In the mysterious base, Shu Feng had Big Black enter the Soldier Synthesis Nest and ordered thusly.

Strange mucus welled up in the Soldier Synthesis Nest, swallowed Big Black, and formed a black egg, and the hollow demon began to evolve.

“Please choose the direction of evolution: 1 – average evolution of physical constitution.

2 – evolution of a certain attribute of physical constitution to a great extent.

3 – evolution of claws and fangs, with hollow demon attack special effect.”

After a moment of consideration, Shu Feng made a decisive choice: “Option No.

3 – with hollow demon attack special effect!”

In Hollow Realm, there are all kinds of hollow demons.

Among them, there are psionic hollow demons.

Most psionic hollow demons don’t have a physical body.

Physical attacks are virtually ineffective against them.

Only attacks containing spirit force, magic, or other extraordinary forces can be effective against them.

Psionic hollow demons are very strange and terrifying.

Only bullets carrying spirit force, spirit martial arts containing spirit force, magic, and skills are able to cause damage to them.

Shu Feng is weak and has to call for support when he meets a strong enemy.

But with Big Black evolved according to option No.

3 by his side, he won’t be left defenseless when he meets psionic hollow demons.

An hour later, the black egg cracked, and Big Black came out.

Its fur has become shinier, and there is a dim luster around its claws.

“Big Black, strength 12, agility 14, defense 12, psyche 10, physique 12.

Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm life form.

Special abilities: Hollow Invisibility, Extraordinary Sense of Smell, Extraordinary Perception, Claw and Fang Enhancement.”

Shu Feng raised the corners of his mouth into a slight smile: “Big Black’s overall attributes have been improved a little.

Coupled with the Claw and Fang Enhancement, it’s fighting strength is far higher than mine.

I have to learn how to shoot as soon as possible, and then apply for a gun, so that I can have strong enough combat power.

”In the next few days, Shu Feng studied hard every day and went to Beiling Street to practice gunmanship and hand-to-hand combat on the weekend.

Now that his physical constitution has improved, Shu Feng began to slowly adapt to Black Crow’s power.

His mastery of the hand-to-hand combat arts taught by You Meng has also improved by leaps and bounds.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ten shots rang out in the shooting range, and ten holes appeared on the red circle in the center of a target 10 meters away.

Ma Jin praised: “Pretty good.

Shu Feng, you made great progress during this period of time.

I’m really impressed!”

Shu Feng smiled bashfully and said in reply, “Big brother Ma Jin, it’s all thanks to your teachings.”

Ma Jin asked with a mysterious smile, “There’s going to be an operation tonight that can earn you a lot of money.

Do you want to participate”

Shu Feng’s eyes lit up, and he asked back, “What operation”

Ma Jin answered with a smile, “A gang is going to carry out a transaction with drug traffickers in our city tonight.

The transaction amounts to 30 million.

Are you interested in taking care of them together with me And swallow the 30 million!”

Shu Feng raised his eyebrows and said curiously, “Shouldn’t we inform the police about this sort of thing”

“If we inform the police, the 30 million will be turned over to the state treasury! Will that be of any benefit to us”

Ma Jin glanced at Shu Feng askance and carried on, “If ordinary spirit users like us want to evolve to a higher level, we need cultivation resources.

In other words, we need money! If you have money, you can buy a lot of pills and potions and quickly gather spirit force.

If you don’t have money, your cultivation speed will be as slow as a turtle walking.

Come on, are you in or out”

“I’m in!”

Shu Feng’s expression changed several times before he finally gritted his teeth and uttered thusly.

Shu Feng is short of money, very short of money.

His family’s financial situation is not good.

In addition, it costs money to buy Primary Spirit Cultivation Pills.

In the last operation, Shu Feng got 20 contribution points.

But he doesn’t want to sell those contribution points on the black market.

Ma Jin said, “Alright! I will provide the information for this time’s operation.

And I will also participate in the operation to ensure its success.

Therefore, we’ll split it 40-60, where I get 60% and you get 40%.

How about it”

Shu Feng shook his head and said, “That won’t do!”


Ma Jin raised his eyebrows, a look of displeasure in his eyes.

Shu Feng said, “It should be split 30-70, where I get 30% and you get 70%! I’m much weaker than you.

Besides, you provide the information.

You should take more.”

Shu Feng isn’t a fool.

Naturally, he understands that Ma Jin is trying to take care of him.

Compared with millions of credits, he prefers to have a good relationship with Ma Jin.

The five official members of Flameguard’s Leijiang City branch are all big shots in Leijiang City.

Shu Feng wants to have a good relationship with them.

Ma Jin smiled boldly, finding Shu Feng more and more pleasing to the eye: “Ha-ha-ha! Alright! Shu Feng, let’s split it 40-60.

And that’s it.

Take it as me investing in you.

When you develop in the future, just don’t forget about this old Ma.


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