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12 – Being Taught

Ma Jin uttered emotionally, an excited expression on his face, “Spirit gun users are the most powerful beings in this world.”

Shu Feng echoed the sentiment: “Spirit gun users are the strongest!”

Ma Jin said: “Black Crow’s recoil is quite strong! Till which movement have you cultivated the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method”

Shu Feng responded, “Till the first movement!”

Ma Jin warned: “A strong body is very important for a spirit gun user.

Although the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method is a thing of spirit martial artist.

However, it’s really great.

You should cultivate it well.”

Ma Jin said solemnly: “Hold the gun with both hands, aim at the target, and then pull the trigger! Remember to keep your calm! In actual combat, a cool head is key.”

Shu Feng nodded, held the Black Crow with both hands, aimed at the target located 10 meters away, and pulled the trigger.


A loud gunshot sounded.

The Black Crow transmitted a strong recoil and nearly slipped out of Shu Feng’s hands.

The gun’s muzzle tilted upwards, and the bullet naturally missed the target by a large margin.

Ma Jin shook his head: “Sure enough, it’s too early for you to learn gunmanship! Practicing gunmanship with a lacking physical constitution will do more harm than good.

Before you continue to practice gunmanship, cultivate the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method to the third position first.”

Shu Feng clenched his teeth, nodded, and said in reply, “Yes!”

Shu Feng is aware that his physical constitution is ordinary.

In fact, he can’t even compare to an average adult male.

Furthermore, his awakened spirit ability doesn’t strengthen physical constitution.

As such, he doesn’t feel too conflicted about this.

Black Crow is much more powerful than ordinary pistols, and its recoil is also much stronger.

Shu Feng still finds it hard to use such a powerful gun.

Ma Jin then taught Shu Feng how to dismantle and maintain the Black Crow as well as some taboos and rules when it comes to handling a gun.

Ma Jin patted Shu Feng on the shoulder and uttered, a look of pity in his eyes, “Alright! That’s all for today’s class.

Go to the martial arts hall to look for You Meng! Good luck!”

Beiling Street’s martial arts hall.

“Big sister You Meng, I’m here!”

When Shu Feng entered the spacious and bright martial arts hall on Beiling Street, his eyes immediately lit up.

He saw a sexy, beautiful, valiant woman dressed in a white martial attire, with feet bare and hair combed into a ponytail, exuding the air of an onee-san [1], standing in front of him.

The beautiful woman is You Meng.

You Meng’s beautiful eyes constricted, and she said, “Take off your shoes and go change clothes in the changing room!”


Shu Feng took off his shoes, entered the changing room, changed into a white a martial attire, and then went to You Meng.

You Meng shouted in a lowered voice, “I’ll teach you throwing skills today! Come, attack me!”

Shu Feng looked at the sexy You Meng and swallowed, saying: “Big sister You Meng, are you sure”

You Meng uttered, “Don’t worry.

In martial arts, there is no difference between men and women.

In actual combat, no one will show you mercy because you’re a man or a woman.”


Shu Feng shot forwards and unleashed a fist flying towards the pit of You Meng’s stomach.


You Meng also shot forwards, grabbed Shu Feng’s clothes, knocked his legs from under him with a kick, and threw him to the ground.

“It hurts!”

Shu Feng felt an acute pain coming from his back.

You Meng raised her slim eyebrows and, as if the incarnation of a beautiful rakshasi, barked sternly: “Get up! Your posture is an eyesore.

Now I’ll teach you basic body techniques, that is, techniques you should employ when someone grabs or throws you!”


Shu Feng gritted his teeth.

He resisted the feeling of dizziness assaulting his head and struggled to get up from the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

How could Shu Feng, a mere rookie, be a match for You Meng She grabbed him and threw him back and forth.

He felt severe pain coming from all over his body, as if his bones were broken.

However, under You Meng cruel training, Shu Feng still managed to master the basic body techniques.

“Alright, today’s basic body techniques training is over.”

Upon hearing You Meng’s voice, as if he was pardoned, Shu Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

“Now start cultivating the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method!”

You Meng’s voice sounded again.

Shu Feng greeted his teeth and began to operate his spirit force and cultivate the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method.

Shu Feng’s body was sore and full of pain.

But when he practiced the first posture of the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method, his spirit force circulated, and warm currents broke out all over his body, making his body more lithe and flexible.

“It feels good!”

After he finished cultivating, Shu Feng’s mind was a bit exhausted, yet his entire body felt comfortable.

You Meng said: “I’ll be staying in Leijiang City 2 months.

During this period of time, if nothing comes up, I will train you every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.”

Shu Feng had a realization and uttered, “Yes! Big sister [2] You …, no, older sister You Meng!”

You Meng uttered, “Now go!”

Shu Feng then turned around, left the martial arts hall, and returned home.

After dinner, Shu Feng went back to his bedroom, locked the door, sat on the bad, and then took out the small black box and opened it.

There is a black pill placed in the small black box.

“So this is the Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill that is priced at 100,000 credits and 1 contributions point in the shopping center.

I wonder what effect it will have.”

Shu Feng stuffed the Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill into his mouth and swallowed it, and then operated the Spirit Cultivation Method 2.0.

When the Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill entered his stomach, it turned into a clear stream of spirit force that flowed and rippled in his body.

Shu Feng immediately perceived his body emanate mysterious fluctuations and draw in more spirit force particles.

After an hour, Shu Feng stopped practicing cultivation and opened his eyes.

“My spirit force seems to have increased by a large margin! Let’s check how much it has progressed.”

Shu Feng entered the base space and carried out the test.

“Spirit force 1.4453, spirit force increased by 0.4000.”

After he entered the mysterious base space, a line of information appeared on the Central Analyzer.

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened and flashed with excitement: “Spirit force increased by 0.4! If I can increase my spirit force by 0.4 every day, then I’ll be able to attain 100 points of spirit force in just one year and officially advance to a Spirit Warrior!”

Shu Feng’s eyes dimmed: “However, a Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill costs 100,000 and 1 contribution point.

If I take a Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill once a day, I’ll have to spend 36,5 million and 365 contribution points in a year! That’s going to be difficult!”

At this time, 1 million is already a huge sum of money to Shu Feng, let alone 36.5 million.

As for contribution points, they’re even harder of obtain.

Shu Feng went to sleep, “I have to find a way to make money.”

[1] – onee-san


[2] – big sister (大姐) is used to address older women


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