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11 – Test

Am I just a background character that serves to highlight big brother Ma’s talent

Shu Feng’s face darkened.

“Shu Feng, your cultivation aptitude is terrible.

However, your awakened spirit ability is much better than big Ma’s.

If you want to make rapid progress, find a way to money with your spirit ability.

Then use that money to buy pills and potions to advance your evolution.”

“With enough pills and potions, although you won’t be able to match the cultivation speed of people with genius aptitude, but you can certainly catch up to people with excellent and elite aptitudes.” You Meng smiled faintly and comforted.

Ma Jin patted Shu Feng on the shoulder and said solemnly, “That’s right, Shu Feng! My aptitude is also ordinary.

But unlike many spirit users with excellent and elite aptitudes, who failed to advance to the Spirit Warrior realm, I succeeded.

That’s is because I participated in many missions and obtained a lot of resources.”

Shu Feng nodded and said, “I understand, big brother Ma, big sister You!”

You Meng narrowed her beautiful eyes and looked at Shu Feng with an enigmatic smile: “What did you call me”

Shu Feng asked curiously, “It was big sister You.

Is there something wrong”

You Meng smiled like a gorgeous poppy: “Of course not! By the way, today is Sunday.

I and big Ma are free.

It’s just right to have class.

Big Ma will teach you gunmanship.

While I’ll teach you the basics of hand-to-hand combat.”

Shu Feng replied excitedly, “Thank you, big sister You! I will try hard and learn well!”

Every man would like weapons with great destructive power like firearms.

But since the Qianyuan Republic enforces extremely strict gun control, ordinary people have no way of touching a gun.

To be able to learn gunmanship and hold a real gun, Shu Feng was naturally excited.

You Meng smiled faintly.

Then her smile became increasingly more beautiful, just like a poppy in full bloom.

Ma Jin’s eyes flickered with pity, and he patted Shu Feng on the shoulder.

But then You Meng glared at him, and he remained silent.

Ding Xiaoxue smiled lightly and said, “Captain, Shu Feng already awakened his spirit ability.

And it’s an earth realm spirit ability.

According to regulations, he should be able to get a raise, right”

Zhou Yang pushed up his glasses and said with a gentle smile, “You Meng, I will have to trouble you to test the hollow demon’s strength.”

Sitting on a sofa, You Meng beckoned Shu Feng with her index finger and said, “Shu Feng, have your Black Dog Hollow attack with its full strength.”

Shu Feng replied with a worried look on his face, “Big sister You, please be lenient.

Don’t kill my hollow demon!”

Ding Xiaoxue is not a Spirit Warrior, yet she can already kill a Black Dog Hollow with a single sword strike.

The Black Dog Hollow synthesized by Shu Feng is an inferior version.

When faced against the Spirit Warrior realm You Meng, the outcome can well be imagined.

You Meng shouted, “Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on it.

Stop being fussy and have it attack!”

Shu Feng whispered, “Big Black, attack with your full strength!”

Big Black’s eyes shot with blood, and black gas shrouded its limbs.

All of a sudden, it ejected and rushed towards You Meng like a cheetah.

“Not bad!”

You Meng’s eyes brightened.

Her slender legs shot up like a spring, and she kicked Big Black.


Big Black slammed into a wall as if a broken rag doll.

But when it landed on the ground, its eyes shimmered fiercely, and it shot towards You Meng again.

As long as Shu Feng doesn’t give the order to stop, battle beasts synthesized by the mysterious base will recklessly attack the enemy until they are killed.

You Meng raised her slim eyebrows and said: “Let’s stop, Shu Feng!”

Shu Feng shouted, “Big Black, stop!”

In an instant, the red in Big Black’s eyes receded.

When it landed on the ground, its body leaned forward, and then it stopped and sat on the ground.

“The hollow demon listens well!”

The eyes of You Meng, Ma Jin, and Zhou Yang lit up slightly.

They have seen tamed hollow demons before.

Those hollow demons were quite violent.

Even though they were being controlled, but it was still hard to get rid of their demonic nature.

Few hollow demons obeyed orders like this.

You Meng said: “In terms of pure combat power, it is comparable to a level-3 Apprentice Spirit Warrior who learned spirit martial arts.

When coupled with its special abilities as a hollow demon, it should be rated as a level-4 Apprentice Spirit Warrior.”

“Great! Shu Feng, your status will be upgraded to level-4 Apprentice Spirit Warrior and your monthly salary will be raised to 40,000.

From now on, you are a level-3 inspector.

I’ll give you the inspector’s ID card later.”

“We of Flameguard stand above the police.

But in the eyes of the populace, we are members of the police.” Zhou Yang uttered.

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with elation: “40,000! I’m now a big shot with a monthly salary of 40,000!”

In a small city like Leijiang City, a monthly salary of 40,000 is already regarded as belonging to the big shot class.

The salary of vice presidents of many companies is at this level.

According to Shu Feng’s former train of thought, if he found a job with a monthly salary of 4,000 after graduation, he would already be very satisfied.

But now his monthly salary is 40,000.

He is brimming with excitement.

Zhou Yang handed a small black box to Shu Feng: “This is a Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill.

This month’s salary has already been deposited on your card.

Your salary will be raised to 40,000 next month.”

Ma Jin said, “Alright! Now come with me to learn gunmanship! As long as you keep getting stronger, your salary will continue to increase.

When you have reached the Spirit Warrior realm, an annual salary of 1 million will be just the beginning.”

“An annual salary of 1 million!”

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened and filled with excitement.

One of the greatest reasons why he likes the world of spirit users and wants to join it is to earn money and improve his family’s situation.

“I already learned gunmanship! Shu Feng, I have something else to do.

I’ll take my leave now.

Take your time!”

Ding Xiaoxue spoke thusly with a bright smile, and then turned around and left.

Guided by Ma Jin, Shu Feng came to the shooting range of the weapon training division on Beiling Street.

“This is Black Crow, an ordinary version of the standard 1st tier spirit gun, the Black Fang, used by the Qianyuan Republic’s spirit gun users.

A good gun is the best weapon and the best partner of a spirit gun user.

If you master it and maintain it from time to time, it will be of great help to you in battle.”

“As long as you are familiar with the Black Crow, then when you advance to the Spirit Warrior realm in the future, you can easily master the Black Fang and become an excellent spirit gun user.

Ma Jin handed Shu Feng a black gun engraved with mysterious patterns, with a slender barrel.

The black gun looks beautiful.

“Black Crow, 12.5 millimeter caliber, weighs 1,523 grams, has a 20-round magazine, packs great power, has long range.

The effective range of ordinary pistols used by the police is about 50 meters.

Black Crow’s effective range is 500 meters.”

“When a bullet fired by the Black Crow hits an ordinary person who hasn’t practiced a spirit martial art like the Spirit Shield Art, it will leave a large hole behind.

This is a most terrible weapon.”

“In the future, you will learn the Bullet Spirit Force Enchantment Art or use special Spirit Energy Bullets, which pack even greater might.”


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