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“Master, my other two companions arent summoners.” Yun Feng chuckled.

The Fifth Elder immediately looked disappointed.

“Theyre not summoners… What a shame… But it doesnt matter.

How strong are they If theyre not bad, Ill accept them for your sake!”

Yun Feng smiled.

“If Master says so, Ill bring the two of them to you in a few days.

Well discuss then.”

“Haha, alright, alright!” The Fifth Elder immediately agreed and patted Yun Fengs shoulder with his hand.

“With your talent, you dont need any guidance.

Just follow your own method freely.

Do as how you cultivated in the past.

I wont restrain you.”

Yun Feng nodded.

This little old man indeed had a good personality.

He knew how to free his disciples.

The other four elders would probably be much more rigid and would have to boss Yun Feng around in their own way.

“Alright, I still have something to do.

Ill leave first.

Right, right, dont forget to go to the pharmaceutical branch from time to time.

I dont want that chatterbox, Potion Elder, to bother me all day.”

Yun Feng suddenly smiled.

Chatterbox The potion elder was a chatterbox “Yes, I understand.”

The Fifth Elder finally left with a smile.

He was in a pretty good mood.

Yun Feng was about to enter the Dragon Palace to discuss with Qu Lanyi and You Yue about what the Fifth Elder said just then, when a visitor unexpectedly came.

“Junior Sister!” A clear voice sounded, followed by a face full of smiles.

Yun Feng suddenly felt strange.

why did he call her junior sister

“Senior Brother Rong Xin.” Yun Feng smiled at the person who came.

He stood at the door of Yun Fengs yard and walked over with a huge smile on his face.

His footsteps were very light.

“I just saw Master leave.

He probably has something to do.

Master asked me to tell you that you can ask me if you need anything.”

Yun Feng smiled gently.

Rong Xin had a good personality and was quite decent.

Judging from his style of doing things, he was also upright.

She had just arrived and because of what the Fifth Elder said, the others should be quite dissatisfied with her.

However, Rong Xin didnt show any dissatisfaction and was also very friendly to Yun Feng.

“Thank to Masters help, there shouldnt be anything missing here.”

“Junior Sister, you dont have to be so polite! Master is actually quite careless.

If you need anything, just tell me!”

“Got it.

Is there anything else, Senior Brother Rong Xin” Yun Feng asked.

Rong Xin scratched the back of his head with his hand in embarrassment, as if he was a bit embarrassed to say, “Junior Sister, Master said youre very strong.


“Why Senior Brother Rong Xin, just say it.” Yun Feng couldnt help but find it interesting when she saw that Rong Xin was so embarrassed right now.

She didnt know what he wanted to say.

“If Master said youre strong, you must be! How about fighting with me first” Rong Xin said everything.

Yun Feng was stunned.

Fight It turned out he was here to fight.

“Master flattered me.

Theres still a huge gap between me and Senior Brother.” Yun Feng smiled gently.

She didnt want to fight with him.

Firstly, she didnt want to fight.

It was more important to see who was stronger in the ranking contest.

If someone wanted to fight, did she have to fight Yun Feng didnt have any desire to fight at all.

She could agree with him, but he would definitely not be satisfied with such a battle.

It was truly tiring to meet someone who wanted to fight.

“Why are you so humble Master never lies! Ive been learning from Master for many years.

All the disciples here have fought with me.

Now that youre here, Junior Sister, Im finally motivated again! Itll be fine if youre under another elder.

Then, we can fight fair and square in the ranking contest.

What a pity… But it doesnt matter.

Its the same if you fight with me right now!”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.

“Senior Brother Rong Xin, I have something else to do.

Please excuse me.” After saying that, Yun Feng turned around and walked in.

After the door was closed, Rong Xin was locked outside.

“Junior Sister, if you have anything to do, just forget it.

Ill come again!” Rong Xin shouted loudly and turned around to leave in satisfaction.

Yun Feng only shook her head and sighed softly inside the door.

The disciple of the Fifth Elder was indeed different.

Yun Feng walked into the yard and completely sealed the space.

Then, she entered the Dragon Palace.

As soon as she entered, a handsome face full of unhappiness appeared in front of Yun Feng.

“Where did that wild kid come from” Qu Lanyi asked with a sour tone with sparks hidden in his eyes.

His wife had unlimited luck with men wherever she went.

Should he be proud or angry

“Youre done practicing” said Yun Feng with a smile.

Qu Lanyi snorted with strong dissatisfaction.

“Someone is noisy outside.

How can I continue”

Yun Feng shook her head helplessly.

She glanced at You Yue and found that You Yue was still in the cultivation state.

She looked at the amount of Golden Cauldron Fluid and saw that only a small part of it had evaporated.

Yun Feng walked to Qu Lanyi and held his big hand.

The corners of Qu Lanyis mouth curled up slightly, but he still looked very bad.

“I came in because I have a lot of things to tell you.

That wild kid just then is the strongest among the disciples of the Fifth Elder.

His name is Rong Xin.”

“The Fifth Elders strongest disciple” Qu Lanyi raised his brows.

“Fengfeng, are you also the Fifth Elders disciple right now”

Yun Feng nodded with a smile.

“You and my brother have been cultivating.

I didnt disturb you.

Something happened during this period of time.

Ill tell you slowly.” Yun Feng told Qu Lanyi everything that happened during Qu Lanyis cultivation without missing anything.

Qu Lanyi looked more and more anxious as he listened, especially when Yun Feng talked about Gong Tianqings ability.

Qu Lanyi was very surprised!

“Dead Fire I didnt expect you to encounter this!” Qu Lanyi was very surprised.

“Thats good.

When you resurrect the Yun family in the future, just ask Gong Tianqing for help.

Itll save you a lot of effort.”

Yun Feng cared about Qu Lanyis tone.

He seemed to know something about the Dead Fire.

Seeing Yun Fengs confusion, Qu Lanyi reached out and squeezed her cheek.

“I have a lot of old books at home that are piled in a library.

I was very bored when I was young, so I flipped through them.”

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