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The enormous Dragon Breath of Luminous beam pierced across the chest of the Evil Dragon, as Luminous continued pushing forward and forward, as he quickly reached the accursed Evil Dragons body, now sporting a whole hole on its chest.

Yet the beast remained alive.

“Im not going to let a beast like you defeat me!”

Luminous was furious.

For so long he had been containing his own draconic rage because he thought it was unsightly for a god.

However, right now such a thing shouldnt matter at all.

He had seen so much carnage, so much suffering, and he always was unable to do much by himself.

He always saw other suffer as he saw himself being unable to stretch his help elsewhere other than the place that saw him be born… If he truly wanted to become a God, he had to be ruthless, he couldnt let a monster crush him as if he were a mere rival.


The Evil Dragon quickly looked back at Luminous.

The monsters sharp red eyes glared across Luminous very soul.

As Luminous draconic eyes of gold color glanced back.

The ferocious, primal fury of two draconic beings erupted from their bodies, divinity emerging in enormous quantities… and Daos too!

“I will show you what I can do…”


Luminous entire body underwent a sudden change, an evolution! All the beautiful white feathers over his body were suddenly lost, as they flew away.

His white scales were shredded apart, and his entire body molted, breaking apart and falling into the ground below.

A new Luminous was born from within his molted self, shiny silver scales covered his entire body, making him resemble a metallic being.

His horns grew several times as big, and his entire body was now over two hundred meters of height!


An enormous white jewel shone brightly from within his chest, as two enormous pairs of silver wings stretched behind his body.

He also had another new pair of arms, and all four of his arms quickly conjured bright, holy divine light in a split of a second, concentrating it into enormous spheres of primordial power!


[You have awakened the [Great Dao of Primordial Light] and the [Dao of Holiness]!]

[Your power surges!]

[You have underwent Evolution!]

[You have evolved from [Primordial Light Dragon God Juvenile] into [Silver-Scaled Primordial Holy Dragon God King]!]

[All your Stats have increased!]

[You gained new Skills and Magic!]

[You have Awakened the Title of [God of Grand Terra]!]

There it is!

Luminous eyes were filled with shock, as the Evil Dragon felt an enormous, overwhelming power coming from within Luminous very body!

“This is my power… This is… my true self”

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Luminous quickly realized something Kireina had noticed some time ago.

Every time she spoke to him, she felt something within had yet to come out, something that he had yet to develop.

“I was still a juvenile this entire time…”


The Evil Dragons wound was quickly healed, as the hole over his chest disappeared in an instant.

He was already up for round two!

“Ill crush you.” Luminous said, his four arms quickly conjured enormous blades made of light, as he flew in an instant towards the Evil Dragon.


Their clash resonated across the skies, light and darkness impacted with one another tremendously.

Luminous immediately began counterattacking, as he swung his four Blades of Divine Light against the Evil Shadow Dragon at full speed!



The Evil Shadow Dragon roared furiously, the damage it took all came with enormous quantities of Divine Energy which covered his wounds, further purifying the Miasma covering the Dragons body and constantly dealing more and more damage into the Evil Shadow Dragons HP!

However, the Evil Shadow Dragon wasnt going to go down without fighting fiercely.

The monstruous dragon-like flying lizard shaped darkness, shadows, and miasma into his claws, generating a long whip which began to use to fight against Luminous.


The whip furiously attacked Luminous, inflicting shockwaves of Miasma that covered his foes entire body.

Luminous arms were suddenly tied up by the whips, as the Evil Shadow Dragon laughed, opening his jaws, and unleashing a dragon breath attack of pure darkness and chaos!


The breath attack was like a deadly beam of blackness, covering Luminous entire body.

The explosion alone echoed across the skies as Kireina and everybody else looked at Luminous.

Brunhild tried to go for his help but was being swarmed by many Mutated Wyverns she had to deal with, as if they were trying to stop her from reaching their King and interrupting his duel.

The Evil Shadow Dragon laughed evilly, his red eyes shone brightly and domineeringly as he saw Luminous being consumed by darkness! However, a shining light emerged from the Gods body, unleashing a powerful divine shockwave that naturally became a Domain, a Pseudo Supreme Domain!


The Domain alone clashed against the smaller Domain of the Evil Shadow Dragon, as it overpowered it in an instant!


The Evil Shadow Dragon cried in agony; his red eyes opened wide in shock as he saw Luminous being completely okay! There was absolutely no damage over his entire body, and in fact, he looked majestic and as if each minute that passed only made him grow taller and more powerful.

“I am not someone you can defeat!”


Luminous gathered Divine Primordial Light into his four arms and then gathered it all above his head, shaping it into a titanic-sized shining Blade of Pure Light!

“Divine Primordial Light Magic: [Evil Piercing Shining Excalibur]!”

The Blade pointed at the weakened and overwhelmed Evil Shadow Dragon, as it flew in an instant, reaching the Evil Shadow Dragons head and body, and slicing through it all!


Flashes of bright light spread further across the sky, exploding into countless starlight explosions.



And the Evil Shadow Dragon gave a last defeating cry, as its sliced body fell into the ground, charred to a crisp, and dead…

The enormous attack that Luminous unleashed was so powerful that the Genie himself, and even the Demon King felt his presence from afar.

At long last, the last God was about to take his position in this world as one.


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