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Chapter 4658: Fist Slaves

Becoming fist slaves wasnt a new development.

Previously, even ancient ancestors have turned into slaves and severed all ties with their sect.

“Master!” An ancestor came across his master who has been missing for more than ten thousand years.

“Do not stay here, leave.” His master glanced at him and said calmly.

“Master!!” Tears streamed out of the cultivators eyes despite being an ancestor at this point.

His master left without taking another glance at him.

“That was Auspicious Monarch, a rather renowned cultivator who made his sect prosper alone.

Everyone thought that he was dead.” An expert recognized the master.

“Who is that!” On another side, someone saw a man pulsing brightly with various images.

He stood on top of a city wall, looking unbeatable.

“Desolate Godmonarch from True Immortal, a great genius back then.” People became emotional after seeing him.

“Is he really strong” A youth has never heard of this title before.

Alas, this fist slave looked special and awe-inspiring.

“Strong isnt enough to describe him.” A clan ancestor murmured: “He was the most likely to become a dao lord just like the current young emperor.

I cant believe it.”

This made people take a deep breath.

The youths havent heard of Desolate Godmonarch before but they all knew True Immortal Young Emperor.

If these two beings were relatively equal, then the successful conversion was rather frightening.

“Sacred Ancestor!” An ancestor from a timeworn sect saw his ancestor and couldnt believe it.

According to the records, this particular being had passed away long ago but here he was now.

He was an extraordinary ancient ancestor - an unsurpassable being respected by the descendants.

They were disappointed to see him here.

“Worldbreaker is unfathomable, it has so many unbeatable cultivators.” Newcomers gained a better insight into this region.

They had heard rumors before but visiting left them speechless.

“This is why it can withstand expeditions from even dao lords.” A big shot said.

Others agreed because wondrous dao lords had attacked this place before but none took it down.

This was a testament to its power.

One expert stared at a city with numerous buildings and then commented: “The greatest sect in the world isnt True Immortal or Three Thousand Dao.

It has to be Worldbreaker, no, Divine Fist Dynasty.”

“Close enough.” The big shot nodded: “Eight-step Dragon Dao Lord had such an impressive legion and attacked the dynasty.

He still couldnt destroy it.”

Listeners became intimidated.

Nonetheless, it was fortunate for the world that fist slaves couldnt leave Worldbreaker.

Otherwise, the consequences might be unimaginable.

“Remember, we have three days, not a second longer.” The seniors from various sects became nervous after seeing the mighty fist slaves.

It seemed like that regardless of ones cultivation, the danger was everpresent.

Alas, the gemstone was too tempting.

Everyone wanted to be the first to find Golden Fist Emperor.

Most believed that he was grievously wounded after fighting the power of Worldbreaker.

He might even be on the verge of death and was hiding in a cave somewhere.

This meant that the first group to find him might be the one obtaining the gemstone.

This possibility warranted the risks.

“Boom!” Something suddenly illuminated the sky.

It resembled a massive galaxy approaching from the horizon.

This galaxy had dao runes in the shape of water bubbles.

Their glow instilled awe and fear into the spectators.

This was clearly a top cultivator traveling through numerous dimensions to reach Worldbreaker.

Regular cultivators didnt know who it was but last-gen experts were familiar.

“Tyrant Monarch is here.” One of them said.

The galaxy entered deeper into Worldbreaker before disappearing from sight.

“One of Three Thousand Daos six monarchs.” Another commented.

“Boom!” Another overbearing force also entered Worldbreakers deeper region.

“Skybreak Monarch!” A big shot recognized the aura.

“So two heavenly monarchs from Three Thousand Dao are here.” The crowd became emotional.

“Its awfully rare for two monarchs to show up together.” A knowledgeable cultivator said.

The six monarchs from Three Thousand Dao were supreme existences who were either busy with cultivation or deep in slumber.

Not to mention outsiders, even members of the sect rarely saw one, let alone two together.

This displayed Three Thousand Daos resolve in obtaining the gemstone.

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