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Chapter 2544 Flocking Guests

Legion Captain Praezen couldn\'t help but reveal a smirk as he saw the troublemaker flying into the distance.

Even as an Early Stage Immortal, he was able to send a Late Stage Immortal flying into the distance with the help of a defensive formation.

It wouldn\'t be a lie to say that he was feeling immense pride to be part of the Reaper Soul Legion.

However, he hid his smirk and continued to treat the core disciples and true disciples with care as he let them enter.

But still, he couldn\'t help but be shocked at these people.

There were so many of them, but they all could fight across levels.

If any of them roamed outside, they would be treated like kings and queens, invited to many powers and given numerous benefits, one that may or may not include a plethora of tempting vices, and yet they choose to pursue their cultivation path in the Aurora Cloud Gate.

He couldn\'t help but feel respect for them but also the sect, wanting to become a part of it.

However, he didn\'t plan on leaving the Reaper Soul Legion, so he wanted to ask for the Legion Master\'s permission.

The others of the Reaper Soul Legion also shared the same thoughts as him and were more than willing to farm contribution points for their Legion Master, who had unreservedly handed out resources for them, wanting to repay him.

Now, they were itching to make this wedding a grand occasion, making sure that nothing was out of place with strict monitoring.

We apologize, but Immortal King disciples aren\'t allowed inside.

Suddenly, Legion Captain Praezen blocked another person from entering, causing the other party to frown before that person revealed a teasing smile.

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What Don\'t tell me your master is scared


Master told me that he is afraid that he\'ll end up slaughtering those whom he couldn\'t suppress.


Legion Captain Praezen sincerely uttered again.

However, it only caused that young Immortal King disciple to be stumped before he glared at him, seemingly offended.

Sir, are you leaving, or shall I...

Legion Captain Praezen dragged his words as though he was uncertain about using the formation or not, causing the Immortal King disciple to clench his teeth but ultimately turn around.

Hmph! Do mere servants dare to be so ostentatious You\'ll regret disrespecting me one day.

That young Immortal King disciple left while threatening, causing Legion Captain Praezen to blink.

Right now, the other party was unknown to him, but it seemed like he had to know who that Immortal King was.

Oh Am I not allowed inside

At this moment, a melodious voice resounded.

Almost everyone turned to look towards a blue-robed woman who landed on the island, floating her way toward them as she released Immortal King Beast Stage undulations.

Legion Captain Praezen instantly smiled as he respectfully cupped his hands,

An invited guest is naturally different, Beauty Zora.

Oh Then I\'m relieved.

Zora Luan looked around and saw the purple-robed people, feeling a bit astonished and amused at the same time.

She felt that Davis truly was the Emperor of Death, having a small army of powerful soul cultivators with him.

They were actually being used to receive people instead of being the guests.

Core Disciple Zora Luan has graced us with her presence.

Nonetheless, with Legion Captain Praezen announcing and gesturing for her to enter, she went forwards and joined in on the festivities.

There were actually a few events that rewarded people with some useful resources, and it kept a lot of disciples entertained and eager to obtain them, but the most interesting and drooling one was the banquet.

The moment she stepped into the banquet, she was shocked but also felt a hint of derision in Davis\'s heart.

The banquet contained his unreserved love for his enemies as the delicious and sumptuous feast served was full of magical beasts that actually offended him, like the Cyan Soul Rat Clan, Devilish Flame Fox Clan, and many other clans that were present and offended him at the West Ascendance Monument.

He was basically humiliating them without being present there to slaughter them.

His stance was clear, displaying his enmity towards them.

However, she didn\'t see the meat of Fire Phoenix or the Earth Dragon.

\'So he doesn\'t want to fully offend them yet...

or is that his own respect towards those two magical beast races since his wives are their immortal inheritors\'

Zora Luan wondered.

It was not only her, but many people also arrived at the same conclusion, feeling that Davis Alstreim didn\'t want to make things worse, but many also took it as a sign of weakness or making a concession for them as though they could offend him more and he would only offend them back to a certain limit.

However, Zora Luan didn\'t think that way.

She felt that she was smart to allow room for growth and not make things difficult, as the act of eating someone is an insult to that person\'s entire race.

It is mostly a path of whether you die or I die, something that could only be taken when the enmity had flared to a deep level.

Zora Luan eagerly looked forward to his growth since she was the one who invited him.

She didn\'t want him to die soon like a shooting star.

With this kind of blatant provocation towards other clans, she didn\'t know if it would be good or bad for him and his people, as vengeance over this matter affects everyone together with him.

But still, she couldn\'t help but drool over the smell of the glossy texture of the soft-looking meat, her lips trembling, making her wonder what kind of chef they had hired for the food to be extremely aromatic.

With the unknown spices being added to it, it was practically mouth-watering.

The Zenflames and Rocksunders have paid this grand wedding a visit.

Just as she was contemplating whether to let go of her face and act like a glutton, Zora Luan became shocked as she turned to look into the distance, her beautiful eyes reflecting the figures of Egon Zenflame, Tegon Zenflame, and a few others, including the people from the Earth Dragon Clan.

\'What How did they enter!\'

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