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Once we got out of the fifth checkpoint, the scenery around us changed once again.

The temperature was neither too hot nor too cold, and the view was breathtaking in every direction.

We stood on a relatively small ground, and the sea of clouds above us stretched as far as the horizon.

“Is this…the summit”

“Yeah, it is!” said Veil herself, so there’s no doubt about it.

We’ve finally conquered the dungeon.

“Ha…I’m pooped.”

The rest of the members looked as exhausted as Platy.

“You’ve come a long way, Lord Saint.”

“Oh, it’s Sensei.”

We were finally reunited with Sensei after he was “confiscated” near the dungeon’s entrance.

“Now that we’re done here, let’s go home.

I want to wash before supper.”

“The same goes for me.”

Said Platy and Lampeye.

Climbing a mountain is exhausting in its own right, but the extreme temperatures and monster fights must have worn them out the most, considering the fact that they’re originally mermaids.

“We’d like to sort the monster loot.” said the industrious Orkubo on behalf of the monster team.

It’s their way of showing their concern to us after a tiring exploration.

“What are you talking about You still have one final battle left.”

Veil has lost her mind.

“What final battle are you talking about”

“Completely conquering a dungeon means you have to defeat its dungeon master first, which is none of than me!!!”

At that moment, the atmosphere around us changed.

A fierce, silver-scaled dragon came flying from the skies.

Isn’t this Veil in her dragon form!

“Huh, but we also have human Veil here!”

Why are there two Veils!

“I created a dragon clone of myself by dividing my mana.”

“Come to think of it, you also did this before, didn’t you!”

“It’s only one-hundredth of my actual strength.

Perfect for the final trial of this event, don’t you think

That’s still enough power to destroy a city or two! Give us a break, we’re all dead tired here!

As I was stumped over what to do, Veil’s dragon clone didn’t hesitate to direct its fire breath at us!!!

Is this really one-hundredth of her power!

At this rate, we would be reduced to mere ashes in an instant, so I took out the holy sword once more.

But just when I was about to repel the dragon’s flames with my blade, a huge shadow came rushing towards it first! With a slash of its claw, it dispersed the flames!


“Isn’t that- “

The bear monster we just saved!

Did he come all the way here to save us from the dragon’s flames!


The brave bear bellows at the dragon.

Its huge body spanned over three meters, but compared to the dragon, it looked as insignificant as a rat.

And yet…

Does it plan to fight back to repay us!



The two giant beasts glare at each other.

But the bear is still at a large disadvantage here.

Despite this, his ferocity didn’t falter, and boldly confronted his enemy.

And then…

“She’s down!”

After a fierce battle, the bear defeated the giant dragon.

Veil’s clone was unable to sustain itself after having its core destroyed, so it vanished and returned to pure mana.

“He actually won…”

Even Sensei seemed surprised about the outcome.

“Clones created from mana can be easily defeated as long as you destroy its core, but to defeat the Grinzel Dragon Veil’s clone is astounding…”

“Sensei, is that bear an extremely powerful species

“I don’t know myself.”


“It’s the first time I’ve seen such a monster.

The fact that I don’t recognize it must mean that it’s a new species.

But to defeat a dragon, albeit a clone, might mean it’s the strongest monster ever.”


Even Sensei is praising the bear to high heaven.

Oh, the bear’s facing this way.

He was staggering after his intense battle, but his gait was as firm as ever.

He stopped right in front of me and bowed his head.

Is he thanking me for saving him earlier

“Do you want to come with us, too”

As I was about to pat his head, he immediately turned away and started walking in the opposite direction.

I wonder where he’s going…

“My Lord, as a fellow monster, I can understand its feelings,” said Orkubo.

“It’s a highly proud beast, and does not like to surrender to those who won against it.”

“Is that so”

“The recent battle was its way of paying back your kindness.

It embarked on a solitary journey, hoping one day he’d be recognized by you as powerful after gaining enough experience.”

He doesn’t need to go that far for me to admit that he’s strong.

However, his back somehow showed an aloof, yet unassailable radiance.

There will come a time when we will meet again, bear monster.

Bearmon for short.


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