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30 Test

Inside the exquisite metal box was a phone, a crystal card, and a letter.

Chen Qiyues mouth twitched. Didnt he have a phone Why did they have to give him another phone

However, speaking of which…

This small metal box was hidden in the gap underneath the mattress at the end of the bed. Even if he slept on the bed, he wouldnt be able to sense it, right

This ability to hide things was superb!

He thought it had to be at least hidden under the bed, or in a drawer…

Oh, my bed has a partition. Nothing will fit under it, so forget it.

However, it was obvious that these things were left behind by Zhang Jirou.

Chen Qiyues hand trembled as he reached for the small metal box. However, just as he was about to touch the letter, he stopped.

He turned to look at the Giant Ugly Fish. “Child, the thing inside isnt poisonous, right”

“Ugly” The Giant Ugly Fish wagged her tail. What

“Cough, cough!” Chen Qiyue coughed lightly to hide the blush on his face.

Why did he subconsciously think that they would kill him to silence him

However, when he thought of the mysteriousness of the Inspection Bureau, he still retracted his hand. He turned around and ran downstairs. He took a pair of disposable gloves and put them on.

Chen Qiyue thought for a moment and put on another mask.

If it was a dust-type poison, it would be bad. He had to wear a mask just in case.

Or maybe, should he change into a hazmat suit

After he was fully armed, Chen Qiyue asked the Giant Ugly Fish to put the small metal box on the balcony on the second floor. Then, he carefully reached out and took out the letter inside.

It was called a letter, but there was no envelope. It was just a piece of paper.

Chen Qiyue unfolded the letter and was slightly stunned.

“Congratulations on passing the first test.”

There was only one sentence at the beginning of the letter.

Test What test

What test did he take


Chen Qiyue immediately had an ominous feeling. Didnt he go to the Inspection Bureau to report the case and ask for help

As his emotions fluctuated, he continued to read.

“The second test is to graduate from Qingda University alive. By the way, let me remind you that the 7 of Diamonds, or Square 7, from the Poker Association is very interested in you.”

“You wont know the true purpose of the tests until you pass both tests.”

“Enjoy your life!”

“Jiang Suoqing!”

After reading the letter, Chen Qiyues face darkened.

What did it mean to graduate from Qingda University alive

He only wanted to take the Feeder test quietly. That was all!

He really didnt want to get involved with the Poker Association or the test!

Damn it, who was the 7 of Diamonds

If it werent for the fact that Jiang Suoqing had given him another identity in Qingda University, he would definitely regret giving the dragon egg to him!

In order to find someone to protect him, he ended up being like this

Testing Testing your ass! They didnt even ask for his opinion and directly carried out the test

If possible, he wanted to blow up Jiang Suoqing and Zhang Jirous heads!

Phew, I cant take it anymore. My temper has been growing recently!

Chen Qiyue could clearly see the driver clutching his neck and looking at him.

Although the man was wearing sunglasses and his expression could not be seen clearly, the knife in his throat and the gurgling blood still made Chen Qiyues heart turn cold.

He didnt want to become like that driver!

The driver had a powerful Double-Clawed Giant Cicada, but he was still shot in the throat in an instant.

Therefore, the most important thing was still his own strength!

Chen Qiyue took a deep breath. It seemed that his plan had to be carried out quickly!

There were two sentences at the bottom of the letter.

“PS: There are five million yuan in the crystal card, but you can only use your original name to transfer or spend it.”

“The phone gives you three chances to ask for help. I hope you cherish these three chances.”

After reading these two sentences, Chen Qiyue finally took a deep breath.

Luckily, he had three chances…

No, why was he thinking about how to complete this test

He did it to survive!


Chen Qiyue picked up his phone and saw the only number saved in it. Tears streamed down his face.

He wanted to beat up Wang Xinqiu!

He had lost so much in the job, and he had to carry out this stupid test.

This was a death test!

The opponent for the test was the evil Poker Association!

F*ck, f*ck!

Chen Qiyue hugged the Giant Ugly Fish and cried, “Baby, you have to protect me! My future is in your hands!”

The Giant Ugly Fish was stunned for a moment. Then, she gently patted Chen Qiyues cheek with her little fins and leaned her head over gently.


Dont worry, I definitely wont let anyone hurt you!

A determined light came into her eyes.


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At first, Chen Qiyue was only exaggerating. He wanted to express his sorrow, but he did not expect that he would really cry later.

If he was in his original world, how could he have encountered such a thing

As a top student, he wouldve naturally shocked everyone in the college entrance examination. Then, with a generous scholarship, he walked to the peak of his life.

But now

7 of Diamonds, from an unknown evil organization, had their eyes on him.

That was no joke. The people from that organization did not even blink when they killed their own people, let alone him.

He wiped away the tears that he felt ashamed of.

Alright, he was already a grown man. How could he cry so easily

Fortunately, no one else saw it.

Chen Qiyue glanced at the Giant Ugly Fish.

The baby was still young. She probably didnt know what crying was.

However, the more Chen Qiyue looked at the Giant Ugly Fish, the gentler his gaze became.

He had felt the Giant Ugly Fishs actions previously. As expected of his baby. How good!

“You did some exercise before. Before you go to bed, Ill put a wash-free facial mask on you and give you a slight massage.”

Chen Qiyue said gently. He took out the brightening facial mask that he had made while preparing dinner.

Now that he had money, he bought some good tree fruits and put them in the fridge.


Hearing this, the Giant Ugly Fish flew around Chen Qiyue excitedly.

“Be a good girl. Go lie down on the sheets.”

The Giant Ugly Fish lay obediently on the flat bed sheets. Chen Qiyue took the wash-free mask and wiped it on his palm. He began to apply it on her body and massage it.

After the massage, Chen Qiyue let the Giant Ugly Fish play by herself. He sat at the computer table.

It was time for him to show off his power as a top student.

It was just a book for the Feeders and all kinds of feeding knowledge!

In less than a month, he would definitely memorize everything thoroughly!

That was how confident he was!

The Giant Ugly Fish looked at Chen Qiyue, who was studying seriously, and quietly flew downstairs to activate one of the three machines.

If she wanted to protect her Beast Tamer, she first had to have powerful strength.

She had asked the Fire Cloud Hound how to become the champion of the Beast Taming Alliance Tournament.

There was only one answer: training!



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