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The Grand Burial skill that Lin Xuan coined when he merged the four skills caused the Demonic Tree Lords death.

Its body which contained terrifying vitality exploded with a loud bang.

For a moment, the lifeless Gobi Desert seemed to have a life of its own.

Small blades of grass protruded from the sand and rocks.

It slowly flourished with greenery and vitality.

Moreover, Lin Xuan could feel the life force that was contained previously trying to appear again.

The spiritual energy had recovered, and this world could be considered to have hope again.

Although Lin Xuan was also happy that the world had recovered its life force, it was only a side effect.

More importantly, he wanted the item that had dropped after he killed the Demonic Tree Lord.

There were two items in total.

[Card: Enchanted Wooden Blade]

[Type: Weapon]

[Level: Low-level black rank]

[Enchantment: Natural Absorption]

[Description: A blade that can grow with endless potential.

Although it is made from wood, it contains flame elements.

It has endless potential for growth.]

[Card: Rain Begging]

[Type: Skill]

[level: High-level yellow rank]

[Description: Able to communicate with the will of the heavens and let rain fall from the sky.]

These two items were not bad, especially this wooden blade.

This was the first time Lin Xuan had seen an enchanted weapon with a prefix.

This meant that this blade could grow when he grows!

Other than the weapon card, the thing that made Lin Xuans heart palpitate the most was this rain begging card!

Originally, when Lin Xuan saw this skill card, he immediately placed it in the bottom of his inventory.

After all, this rain begging skill did not match Lin Xuans current skill set.

Forcefully placing it there was just not appropriate.

However, just as Lin Xuan was thinking about this, the bloodline in his body began to boil.

To be more precise, it was the dragon bloodline.

The two great bloodlines in Lin Xuans body used his innate skill to directly plunder the bloodline essence of wild monsters.

Previously, he had broken through to the mystic rank in one go.

The powerful bloodline had already begun to display its own strength, but it still needed a primer.

Apparently, this rain skill card seemed to be part of the primer.

Following the orders of his agitated bloodline, Lin Xuan thought for a moment and learned the rain begging skill.

It was just a skill, and it was not completely useless, it could be used as a backup plan probably!

In the next moment, a change occurred.

The giant dragon bloodline in Lin Xuans body fully awakened.

A pair of dragon horns rose high above his head, and a pair of giant wings appeared on his back.

Dragon scales even dotted his cheeks.

Under the guidance of the power from the bloodline, Lin Xuan subconsciously let out a soft breath.

In the next moment, a strong wind whistled, and dark clouds covered the surroundings.

The heavy rain poured down, and the world became quiet.

Lin Xuan controlled the wind and stood in mid-air.

As far as he could see, mountains grew and flourished.

It felt like he had created a new world after the old world was destroyed.

He had awakened the Ying dragon bloodline.

On the class talent panel, Lin Xuan gained a new skill — wind summon and rain summon.

Lin Xuans individual strength even entered the mystic rank.


With a little excitement, Lin Xuan shouted, and then all the experience of exploring the dungeon passed by in front of his eyes.

The dungeon run was considered a victory.

As for the awakening of the Ying Dragon bloodline and the mastery of the two great bloodline spells, they were considered additional gains!

[Congratulations on your successful exploration of the dungeon.

The calculation begins now!]

[Your final evaluation for this dungeon — S .]

[You have obtained a yellow-tier limited S treasure chest.

Please retrieve it from your class template card.]

[You have obtained the dungeon exploration reward — Abyssal Fire (tinder).]

[You have obtained several items — Dungeon gem, Demonic Tree, yellow-tier clone skill (extremely rare), demon material (rare), flame material (rare), wood material…]

The rewards from this dungeon were really generous.

Lin Xuan weighed the dungeon gem in his hand.

This item was extremely valuable!

[Card: Abyssal Fire (Tinder)]

[Type: Tinder (rare)]

[Level: Unknown]

[Description: after subduing the tinder, you can control the flames.

Tread with caution.]

It seemed that the dungeon space was also reminding ability users to be careful with this type of tinder.

If they were not careful, it would backfire on the user.

Lin Xuan did not stay in this strange space for long.

The moment he exited the dungeon space, Lin Xuan saw a huge purple-gold divine dragon with an old man.

The old man looked at him with a smile, “Welcome back.”


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